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Viber announces in-chat Leaderboards to celebrate World Cup

Viber is getting into the World Cup spirit. The popular instant messaging platform has announced a feature that will allow users to make predictions about the outcomes of World Cup matches, along with a specially-made soccer-themed sticker pack and prizes for accurate predictions.

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Viber adds pinned messages and replies in groups, plus broadcast messages

Viber is still playing catch-up with more popular messaging apps and every couple of weeks it adds several features that have been available on other messengers for a while. That's still a good thing though, in my opinion, since users who prefer Viber have the same handy and interesting options than those who are on Telegram or WhatsApp.

In the latest update to Viber 7.7.0, the app added a couple of useful new options for groups. Admins can now pin messages to the top, allowing users a quick way to see important messages. Pinned messages show up in a banner at the top of the conversation and can only be removed or replaced by admins.

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Viber has made it possible to change your number without losing data [APK Download]

Until recently, changing the number associated with your Viber account would mean losing your chat history. That would be very frustrating for heavy users with lots of conversations. Since the v.7.3 update, released earlier this month, it's been possible to back up up your data and take it with you when changing numbers.

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Viber adds inline YouTube playback and last seen timestamps to statuses

Everyone is getting inspired from everyone these days, so it's no surprise to see Viber add features that have been in WhatsApp and/or Telegram for a while. Today's update to version 6.8.2 of the app brings inline YouTube playback and last seen timestamps on statuses.

YouTube links will automatically expand in the conversation to show a preview thumbnail and their title. Tap on them and a pop-up appears and starts playing the video. You can expand to full screen, close it, move it around, and pause playback. As for the last seen timestamp, it displays in the same exact place as WhatsApp and tells you when your contact was last using Viber.

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Viber adds an auto-destruct timer for photos and videos

Self-destructing secret messages are super hip nowadays. Snapchat made it trendy and now every messaging app and social network is trying to follow suit: Allo has private conversations, Instagram creates ephemeral stories, and so on. Viber is now jumping on the hype train and allowing you to set a time limit on your shared media.

After choosing a photo or video to send to your recipient, you have to tap the pencil icon to add a caption and then look for the timer icon on the bottom left of the screen. Tap it and you'll be able to choose between 1, 3, 7, and 10 seconds of elapsed time.

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Viber makes calls free between the US and countries affected by Trump's immigration ban

Viber has been around as a VoIP solution on mobile devices for ages, but it also has a service called Viber Out that lets you call landlines. It usually costs money to do that, but not in select scenarios right now. Viber has announced that calls between landline and mobile numbers in the US and the seven countries affected by Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban will be free.

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Viber 6.5 update connects businesses and customers via public accounts

Viber is one of the many apps trying to supplant traditional phone calls and texts. But to achieve that dream, the service can't stop with connecting you to friends and family. You need to get in touch with stores and other businesses too. That's why the latest Viber update introduces public accounts.

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You Can Now Share GIFs On Viber, WhatsApp Users Flip Out (And Other New Viber Features)

WhatsApp users (you and me both), it's time to raise your pitchforks and descend into battle. We've asked time and time again for the messaging service to add GIF support, you've whined in the comments section, we've whined in our private conversations with friends that we're sick of sending them links to GIFs and we just wanted, pretty please, to insert a freaking GIF like God Intended Forrealz inside a conversation and have it display just as any other image or video. But no, we still don't have that. Guess who has it as of today though? Viber.

Gah. I'm infuriated.

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Twitter And Viber Reach 500 Million Downloads On The Play Store

When it comes to app download milestones, we like to celebrate the 500 Million and 1 Billion mark here on Android Police and more often than not, the apps are from Google's own portfolio which gives them a significant head-start on the competition by the mere fact that they usually come pre-installed on all Android devices. We've also seen Facebook and WhatsApp hit the 1B milestone, and Skype and Instagram and Dropbox reach 500M.

Still, this amount of downloads is out of reach for many apps and only the elite popular ones can get to it. Now, we're celebrating the 500 Million downloads milestone for two apps you've sure heard about: Twitter and Viber.

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Viber Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption Verification, Hidden Messages, And Contact Authentication

It has only been a couple of weeks since WhatsApp made end-to-end encryption more visible and easily verifiable to all its users, and now Viber is following up in its footsteps.

The app, which messages seem to have been encrypted before (but not exactly end-to-end, apparently) will now show a padlock in conversations to confirm that your personal and group messages are end-to-end encrypted. All users need to have Viber 6.0 installed for the feature to work and the padlock to show up, which means that you'll probably need to wait a day or two before everyone's app updates on Android and iOS.

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