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Viber adds GIF creation features to help make chats more fun

Viber has been releasing a bunch of new features and upgrades lately, from increasing its group call limits to letting users save notes and to-dos. Now the messaging service has launched a GIF creation tool on iOS... with Android to follow in the coming weeks 😒.

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Viber increases group call participant limit to aid social distancing measures

In many countries around the world right now, social distancing or even stricter quarantine measures have been put in place to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus — this means we're all far more dependent on technology if we want to hang out with our friends. Zoom and Houseparty get-togethers might be all the rage right now, but other communication apps are also doing their bit in this time of need. Viber has increased the maximum number of participants in group calls to 20 so you can chat with more of your friends at once.

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Viber now lets you save notes and to-dos

Viber announced today a new note-taking feature appropriately dubbed "My Notes." Notes are accessible from your Chats list; adding a new note is the same experience as sending a message, and your list of notes looks an awful lot like a normal Viber conversation, but with additional features to help with organization.

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(Update: Now with black theme) Viber gets dark mode in the latest update

Things were simpler back in the days of SMS, but now you have to choose which silo you're going to lock yourself inside. The messaging world has been consumed by the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but there are also smaller players like Viber. Fans of that app will be happy to hear there's a dark mode in the latest update, and you don't even have to send a moon emoji to anyone.

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Viber introduces Shorts, a new way to read stories in the form of text messages

Books, movies, and series are common ways to widely share a story, but it's far more common to tell personal adventures orally or over text messages. However, Viber came up with a new feature that mixes things up, letting you read short stories on your phone, which take the shape of fictitious text messages.

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New Viber feature lets you create your own custom stickers

Messaging apps are only good when many people use them. That's why the market is dominated by a few big players like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and good ol' text messages. Other platforms have to find ways to incentivize people to switch to them, and one way to do that is by offering features the leaders don't yet have. That's why Viber is introducing Create a Sticker, allowing you to make and share your own sticker sets without leaving the app.

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Viber catches up to WhatsApp with quick replies, conversation status, and groups in common

When it comes to messaging apps, companies are fighting to increase their market shares with features such as screen sharing, context-aware recommendations, and even fact-checking services. Viber has been busy improving its offering with the recent addition of a dark mode and the ability to edit sent messages. However, some elementary features were missing compared to its most famous rival, like quick replies and clearer conversation status visibility. These are finally making their way to the app with the rollout of minor improvements that make the software just a little more convenient to use.

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Viber lets you get a US, UK, or Canadian number for people to call and text you

Thanks to messaging platforms like Viber, calling and texting across the world is a breeze and doesn't cost a dime. However, there are circumstances when people need to call or text you with an actual phone without relying on an Internet connection. For instance, if you live abroad, it would be easier for your grandma to give you a ring with her old-fashioned landline. A local number can also be handy to confirm a booking, or even let your foreign clients dial you in more easily. For all these occasions, you previously had to go through the hassle of using an app to get a virtual line or buy a local number.

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Viber 10 introduces hidden numbers in Communities, group calls, and a redesigned UI

Viber just announced the launch of the latest revision to its mobile messaging app, bringing a new UI and some new group features. The company also claims that the redesign offers users double the performance when sending messages.

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Viber now allows users to edit sent messages

Making a typo you can't correct is one of the more frustrating parts of text communication. Viber seems to agree, because now you're able to edit messages you've sent through the service. Like in other apps that offer similar functions, edited messages will be marked as such to limit any possible confusion.

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