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Premium indie web video service Vessel gets gobbled up by Verizon, closing down this month

Verizon has a serious appetite for video content as of late. In addition to promoting the heck out of GO90 and its various American sports partnerships, the company bought AOL and Yahoo, which has media aspirations of its own. The latest horse to arrive at the stable is Vessel, a sort of alternative YouTube for creators who try to make "premium" videos that are good enough to warrant subscription payments from users. The service started up last year with channels from notable YouTube creators.

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Vessel Beta App Gains Chromecast Support In The Latest Version

To be honest, I'm still not sold on Vessel's business model, which posts original web video content a few days early to paying subscribers before it goes out to more general portals (usually YouTube). But the Android app seems more than serviceable even in its beta form, and the developers are adding features quickly. Case in point: the latest update adds Chromecast compatibility, which no video app should be without.

The feature works exactly as you'd expect it to: start a video and look for the Chromecast icon, then connect to a local Chromecast or Android TV device. You can connect on the main viewer screen as well, if you don't want to scramble to send your video as soon as it starts.

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Vessel Comes To Android With A Subscription Service Offering Early Access To Short Videos That Will Be Free In A Few Days [Update: Includes Ads]

Vessel has a beta Android app now. You're probably wondering what Vessel is, though. Imagine YouTube with less content, but the content shows up a few days early. Oh, and you have to pay for it. Interested? I didn't think so, but the app exists nonetheless.


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