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Under new management, the FCC shifts its position on net neutrality and ends investigation into mobile network zero-rating

It's a great time to be an American - at least, it's a great time if you're in charge of a huge telecommunications corporation and you've been sweating some of your anti-net neutrality practices. With the election of Donald Trump and a new chairman appointed at the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC's position on zero-rating policies like T-Mobile's Binge On data services, AT&T's free access to DirecTV Now, and Verizon's free NFL game streaming, has shifted. The Commission is no longer investigating these policies for any reason, according to briefs issued by newly-appointed chairman Ajit Pai.

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Verizon announces $15/month Unlimited Together plan for unlimited international minutes

With services like Skype, Hangouts, and even Duo, people can easily communicate with each other all across the world without the expensive fees that internationally calling can easily incur. Still, if you have the need to contact people with plain old phones, Verizon is making it slightly easier to do so.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy offering Pixel phones for $10-15 per month plus $100 gift card when you activate on Verizon

Verizon had a killer deal on the Pixel and Pixel XL for Black Friday, and now Best Buy is running an even better version of the promotion. Pick up a Pixel from Best Buy, and you can get it for as little as $10 per month. They'll also throw in a $100 Best Buy gift card for your trouble. There wasn't a gift card included with the Verizon deal on Black Friday.

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Verizon won't send Samsung's charge-blocking Note 7 update, citing emergency contact concerns

Here's an interesting wrinkle in the rapidly-closing saga of the Galaxy Note 7. Yesterday Samsung announced that it would send a software over-the-air update to the few remaining phones in the US, preventing the devices from taking a new electricity charge, and hopefully stopping any more battery-based fires. It's far from the first measure the company has taken to further encourage owners of the defective phones to accept the voluntary recall, but it might be the last. American wireless carrier Verizon, for reasons of its own, isn't participating in the latest software update.

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Verizon posts details on Pixel update (NMF26O) rolling out today, possibly Android 7.1.1

It's getting to be the time of the month when we watch our status bars with increasing intensity. Monthly security patches are all well and good, but this time we're also expecting Google devices (including the Pixel) to be bumped up to Android 7.1.1. Verizon has posted some details of the NMF26O update, which should start rolling out today. We believe this may be 7.1.1.

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Verizon LG G5 owners report that the Nougat update is arriving today

Normally we see Verizon post a service alert on its website well before any of its customers receive a new software update on their devices. Today the company seems to be breaking that long habit, but the affected users aren't complaining. According to posts on the dedicated sub-Reddit and XDA forum, the Verizon version of LG's modular G5 is being updated to Android 7.0 starting today. Huzzah, tally ho, three cheers, et cetera.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy offers the Verizon prepaid version of the Moto G4 Play for just $35, no service required

The Moto G series has become something of a fixture of the mid-range and low-end Android market, thanks to a combination of competent hardware and clean software. That's no less true now that Motorola has gone modular with its flagship Z series - in fact, I'll bet that a few fans of the old Moto X models are moving down the line. Today Best Buy is offering the Verizon prepaid Moto G4 Play, normally $85, for a jaw-dropping $34.99. You don't even have to buy any service to get the phone - nice!

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Verizon offers deep discounts on Pixel phones (as low as $240) and Google Home for Black Friday

Black Friday deals have been kind of underwhelming for the last few years, but Verizon seems to be taking full advantage of its "exclusive" on the US carrier version of the Pixel phones. For customers who buy a new phone today (Thanksgiving) or tomorrow, the price is reduced to $10 a month for the Pixel and $15 a month for the Pixel XL. That works out to just $239.99 for the Pixel and $359.99 for the Pixel XL (only the 128GB model of the larger phone is being discounted) over the two-year payment period.

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The Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is now available at the big 4 US carriers

Samsung launched the Note7 a few months ago with a lovely blue color option. Sadly, that phone was cancelled due to the defective battery issues. That left everyone with no way to get that nice blue phone, until now. The previously announced Blue Coral GS7 Edge is now live on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It didn't take as long as we expected.

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Verizon announces new Ellipsis 8 HD tablet with a $250 price and improved specs

Verizon has been pushing its budget-oriented Ellipsis tablets on the market for a couple years, and they've mostly been throwaway hardware. The latest Ellipsis HD is probably the nicest one, but that doesn't mean it's an amazing tablet. It just appears to be less bad.

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