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The Galaxy S8 will have no external carrier branding, even on Verizon and AT&T

No matter how you feel about Samsung and the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, you have to admit they're really, really pretty phones. The curved display and sleek frame are incredibly well-designed compared to most other devices, and the GS8 will stand out in one other unexpected way—there's no carrier branding. Even Verizon and AT&T have been persuaded not to stamp their logos all over the phones.

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Verizon releases more details on its exclusive Wear24 smartwatch, launching May 11

Verizon announced its very own Android Wear device a few months ago, but it didn't have specs or an exact release date. The previous "next month" release window came and went (that would have been March), but now we've got more specifics. The device launches in 24 days (because Wear24), and there are a couple items on the spec sheet.

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The Moto Z2 Force likely won't be a Verizon exclusive

Over the past few years, Motorola has produced several phones exclusive to Verizon. This includes the Z Force Droid, Moto Z Droid, Moto Z Play Droid, Droid Turbo 2, and more. But according to a recent tweet from Evan Blass, the next Moto Z Force may be sold outside of Big Red.

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Verizon Wireless now includes free data for Fios streaming

The practice of zero-rating data has been increasingly popular in recent years with programs like T-Mobile's Binge On. However, government regulators have not been entirely accepting of the practice. In light of the FCC's new leadership, Verizon has ramped up zero-rating with free data for Fios video streaming.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear S2 discounted to as little as $125 ($175 off) at Groupon, Walmart, and Verizon

Even if it's technically less capable and offers fewer apps than some newer Android Wear designs, the Samsung Gear S2 is still one of the best-looking smartwatches around, a year and a half after its original release. And as Samsung gadgets are wont to do, the Gear S2 seems to be rapidly dropping in price. The non-classic version is down to just $125 for a refurbished model over at Groupon - that's $175 off of the original retail price. Groupon is also offering a new model for $154.99, which is still a pretty good deal. Shipping is free.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy has Sprint's LG G5 for $240 with 24 monthly payments ($340 off retail price), other carrier versions also reduced

Even with its successor right around the corner, the LG G5 is not all that bad of a phone. It might be a little bit weird, but at least it has good specs and Nougat. So if you're looking for a decent phone on the cheap, then you may want to check out what Best Buy is offering. The carrier versions of the G5 are on sale for the 24-month installment plans. Sprint has the best deal at $9.99 per month, making the phone effectively $239.76 after two years.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy offers the Motorola DROID Turbo 2 for just $312, plus a $200 gift card

So here's a pretty crazy deal. Best Buy is selling the Verizon-branded DROID Turbo 2, the Motorola flagship from late 2015, for $312. That's a pretty good deal on its own, even if it comes with a bit of a bummer that it's only available on an installment plan ($12.99 for 24 months). But what's particularly nutty is that Best Buy is throwing in a $200 gift card to the store with each one.

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A brief history of Verizon's hatred for unlimited data

Unlimited data is back at Verizon. There's much merriment to be had throughout the land, as data-hungry power users once again return to their streaming music and video services without fear of sudden charges or slowdowns. It's been over five years since Verizon cut off access to unlimited data, and the number of customers hanging on to their grandfathered unlimited plans has dwindled down to a few grizzled veterans. It's a good day for wireless customers.

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Verizon to offer unlimited data plans for the first time in over five years

Competition is a wonderful thing. Verizon and the other major US wireless carriers basically abandoned the idea of unlimited mobile data around the time that Android and smartphones in general started surging in the market, finding it was much easier to get money out of customers by shoveling them into tiered service. But since T-Mobile, Sprint, and even AT&T have reintroduced unlimited data in various flavors, customers have danced in their little cotton socks, happily paying a premium for the luxury of not having to think about their data allotments. It seems like someone at Verizon finally got the message: the company will start offering unlimited data plans once again starting tomorrow.

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Verizon's new equipment protection plan includes same-day screen repairs, but only for some Samsung and Motorola phones

Cracking the screen glass is the easiest way to damage a modern smartphone, if only because there's just so much of it. Verizon isn't the only company making offers for a protection plan, giving customers a little peace of mind for reduced-price phone repairs in exchange for a few bucks a month. But the newest version of the plan does have an interesting bonus: they're offering same-day screen replacement for some of the carrier's most high-profile devices. Verizon is hoping that people will be willing to shell out some extra dough for the chance to fix up their screens without having to deal with shipping.

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