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Verizon Announces Marshmallow Update For Galaxy Note Edge

Android N (Nutella? Nougat?) is edging closer and closer to an official stable release, but that doesn't mean 6.0 Marshmallow is anywhere close to saturation point: according to Android's official monthly distribution numbers, only 10.1% of Android users are using that latest stable version of the OS. That should increase a little bit more in the next week or two, with Verizon announcing the Marshmallow update for its Galaxy Note Edge is ready.

The update brings all the things you would expect of a Marshmallow-based upgrade. Now on Tap is here (which is getting better all the time), as are on-demand permissions and Doze, saving you crucial battery life.

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Verizon HTC 10 Update With Camera Improvements And Bug Fixes To Begin Rolling Out On Friday

According to both Verizon and HTC's Mo Versi, owners of the HTC 10 will receive an OTA update starting on Friday. As seems to be tradition for HTC flagships, the early months are characterized by a flurry of camera refinements and this round seems no different.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 On Verizon Getting Minor OTA Update To Add GALAXY Apps, Fingerprint Authentication For Exchange Accounts

Getting a software update from Verizon is usually a real treat, since Big Red isn't normally too fond of pushing them out. Well, Verizon Galaxy S5 owners, this is one of your special days. Before getting too excited, though, there isn't much to this one.


Weren't you dying to get GALAXY Apps on your S5? No? Too bad, here it is. This is the rebranded version of Samsung Apps, so newer is probably better, even if many users would prefer neither. GALAXY Apps should have a far wider selection than its predecessor.

A more meaningful update is that the fingerprint scanner can now be used to unlock your phone when you have a Microsoft Exchange account acting as a device administrator.

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