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Dell Drops The Venue 8 7000 Series Tablet Price To $200 For 16GB And $250 For 32GB ($200 Off Original Price)

Last year Dell introduced the Venue 8 7000 series (AKA the 7840), one of the most unique tablets on the market. Its super-slim case and bezels make it look more than a little striking, and the Intel RealSense cameras on the back are something that no other Android device can boast. The design isn't without its problems, as mentioned in Ryan Whitwam's review - one of the biggest pitfalls of the product was the high price for an 8-inch device, which launched at $400 for the 16GB base model. If you've been admiring the design but balking at the price, the Venue 8 7000 now has a steep discount.

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[Deal Alert] Dell Venue 8 7840 On Clearance At Best Buy For $279.99 ($250-260 For Open Box)

Google isn't releasing a Nexus tablet this year, and the Pixel C isn't going to be out until some time in the next few months. If you simply can't wait to get a new Android slate, the Dell Venue 8 7840 is on clearance at Best Buy for a good price. $279.99 gets you the tablet new in box, and an open box item is $250-260.

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Get The Exceptionally Cool-Looking 32GB Dell Venue 8 7000 Series For Just $359 (20% Off) On Amazon Gold Box Today

While the Dell Venue 8 is a tablet we considered quite solid (and now it even has Lollipop), there's no denying it was always really, really pricey. $450 isn't exactly the going rate for many Android tablets these days as the premium segment of the market never really materialized in a big way. To help ease the sticker shock of the unabashedly good-looking Venue 8, Amazon is chopping 20% off the top of that MSRP today in a Gold Box deal.

That means you can get the 32GB Venue 8 for just $359 (OK, $358.99, you got me), which is $10 less than the lowest price we've seen the 16GB version at.

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Dell Updates The Venue 8 7840 To Android 5.1

Dell took its sweet time updating the super-slim Venue 8 tablet to Android 5.0. It finally got this done back in early May, though this was after blowing several previous release dates. To make up for it, Dell just pushed Android 5.1 to this device. I'm a little surprised Dell hasn't moved on yet.


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