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LG's next flagship reportedly launching in June

Earlier this year, LG announced that it would no longer release smartphones on a yearly schedule, opting to launch new models "when it is needed." Shortly afterwards, a report from The Investor claimed that LG was starting over on its next flagship. And all the while, there were conflicting reports on whether the phone would be called the G7 at all.

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[Update: Sprint, too] Samsung Galaxy S8 Active may be coming to T-Mobile, first 'Active' branded device to leave AT&T

Samsung's Active line of flagships has been an AT&T-only zone for years. Since the first S4 variant launched in 2013, big blue has held exclusivity to the rugged flagship. (There was one Sprint S5 variant, but it wasn't called Active.) But the days of AT&Tyranny for the Active line are coming to an end. It looks like the durable IP-68 version of Samsung's flagship is headed to T-Mobile. At least, someday. 

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ZTE is apparently working on an Android Wear watch called the Quartz

With Android Wear 2.0 launching soon, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at hearing some rumblings for new watches. However, I feel justified in my bemusement by this bit here: according to VentureBeat, ZTE is supposedly making a Wear device codenamed Quartz.

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