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Vainglory's 5v5 gameplay has landed a day early on Android

Vainglory is without a doubt the most popular MOBA on Android. Sure there are some recent up and comers, but Vainglory still remains the go-to MOBA on mobile. Now, despite the fact that it has earned its current popularity, one of its players' major complaints was that it only allowed for 3v3 gameplay. This all changes today as you can now play 5v5 matches with full 3-lane maps any time you like, just like the big boys on PC.

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Super Evil Megacorp releases a beta version of Vainglory for Vulkan-enabled devices

The Vulkan graphics API is a big deal for mobile developers, since its direct GPU access allows for complex graphics to be rendered with a considerably lower hit to the processor, and thus a lower overhead on the hardware and battery life. A few devices like the SHIELD family and Samsung's 7 series already supported Vulkan several months ago, but Nougat now features full support for all updated Android 7.0 devices. Developer Super Evil Megacorp, which turned heads last year with its Vainglory mobile MOBA, now has a beta version that uses the Vulkan API.

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Super Evil Megacorp's Well-Received Mobile MOBA Vainglory Lands On Android

If you're a fan of the super-popular top-down MOBA genre (think Dota, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm), you'll want to sit up and take notice of a little game called Vainglory. This mobile interpretation of the well-known formula has been built from the ground up for touchscreens, and the experience has been praised on iOS since its launch back in November. It's available for free today on the Play Store.

Vainglory doesn't make an attempt to hide its inspiration. If you're not familiar with the standard MOBA formula, it's basically a shorter and more action-packed version of a real-time strategy game where each player controls a single unit.

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