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[Update: Now $399] Prime Exclusive LG V35 ThinQ on sale at all-time low of $499 ($151 off)

LG had this bad streak last year in trying to spin the V30 ThinQ in as many different variants as possible. One of them was the V35 ThinQ, originally a $900 AT&T exclusive before it eventually hopped over to Amazon as a Prime Exclusive. If you, a Prime member, happen to desire a V35 for some reason, Amazon's gotten into some tempting as the phone is on a big discount right now.

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LG Pay debuts in US with magstripe reading and cash back rewards program

More than a year after it was reported that LG would be launching a mobile payment service with compatibility for magnetic stripe terminals in the United States, the company has finally announced the arrival of LG Pay for the LG G8 ThinQ. Though we can say that Samsung Pay finally has a one-to-one competitor in its space, it will take a good while before spreading out to other devices.

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AT&T LG V35 ThinQ now receiving Android Pie update

LG's V-series lineup has become quite convoluted in recent years, with the V30, V30S, V35, V40, and V50 all having been released in the span of 1.5 years. The AT&T V40 received its Pie update about a week ago, and it's now the slightly older V35's turn.

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Google confirms autofocus not working in ARCore for several LG phones

Thanks to its ARCore SDK, Google made developing augmented reality applications more accessible and streamlined. To guarantee a consistent experience across devices, the Californian giant has put a certification process in place, through which it ensures the camera, motion sensors, and CPU perform as expected. Among the list of officially supported handsets are the LG G7, V30, V35, and V40 series, which offer the same motion tracking as other certified products. Nevertheless, Google acknowledged autofocus is not correctly working on these phones for the time being, although that shouldn't alter the end user's experience.

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7 of our favorite tech deals this week: smartphones galore, headphones, and e-readers

It's OK to admit it — you messed up. You thought we were still in the middle of November or something, and that you had weeks left to do your holiday shopping. Well, after you consult with your neurologist about these concerning lost-time events, you can still scramble to pick up a few last-minute holiday deals, with plenty of offers still available on our favorite mobile tech.

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LG V35 ThinQ Prime Exclusive falls to $530 ($370 off) on Amazon

During the week leading up to Black Friday, Amazon discounted several of its Prime Exclusive phones, including the LG V35 ThinQ. We thought that the discount of $350 to $549.99 was pretty solid, but Amazon has bested that price less than a month later. The V35 ThinQ Prime Exclusive is currently $529.99 ($370 off) at Amazon.

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LG is charging $1,800 for a special edition V35, and it's only making 300 of them

LG has a treat for its most devoted Korean fans: a special edition V35 ThinQ that costs a totally reasonable $1,800 (or 1,999,800 won). That premium gets buyers a ceramic back, a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones, and exclusivity — there will only be 300 of the device made.

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[Deal Alert] LG V35 ThinQ Prime Exclusive now available for $600 ($300 off) on Amazon

The LG V35 ThinQ was exclusive to AT&T at launch, but it spread to Project Fi a few weeks back. Amazon has now quietly become the third seller of the V35 ThinQ in the form of a Prime Exclusive phone, and it's being discounted by $300 to $599.99 for Prime Day.

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Project Fi doubling phone support with addition of Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and V35 ThinQ

Project Fi may have many fans—after all, it gives you service across three US carriers plus international roaming at an affordable pay-as-you-go rate—but one thing subscribers don't enjoy is the lack of selection when it comes to phones. Fi hears that, and to make up for it, it's adding the Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ to its lineup. The affordable G6 is even available to pre-order today.

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