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[Update: It's back] Deal alert: LG V30S ThinQ drops to just $600 ($330 off) at B&H

The LG V30S ThinQ just keeps dropping in price. The phone originally launched at an astronomical $929.99, but B&H quickly realized that nobody wants to pay that much for a slightly better V30 and dropped the price to $729.99. Near the end of May, the price dropped yet again to $679.99. It's now been reduced by another $80 to $599.99, but that price is available for today only.

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[Deal Alert] LG V30S drops to $680 ($250 off) at B&H

As it turns out, not many people are willing to pay $929.99 for an LG V30 with some extra storage and RAM. Realizing this, B&H lowered its price to a much more palatable $729.99 just days after pre-orders went live. Apparently that still wasn't enough for people to start biting, as B&H as dropped the price by another $50 to $679.99, not even a full month after pre-orders went live.

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LG V30 update in South Korea brings ThinQ AI camera features and branding

Back when LG still hadn't officially announced the interestingly-named V30S ThinQ and was merely teasing it, the company mentioned that the new features might trickle down to existing V30 devices. At MWC, LG confirmed that the V30 and V30+ would in fact get ThinQ features. In keeping with that promise, a reader in South Korea who owns a V30+ (a V30 with 128GB of storage) recently received an update that included a few interesting additions from the ThinQ.

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[Update x2: Leaked photo] LG reportedly working on updated V30 with more storage and AI-powered 'LG Lens'

The LG V30 was somewhat of a mixed bag. It had a fantastic design, with excellent camera performance, a microSD card slot, wireless charging, and even a headphone jack. Unfortunately, the OLED screen suffered from quality issues, and the $830 asking price likely kept many potential buyers away. LG could be working on a slightly-upgraded version, according to a new report from ET News.

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