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[Update: It's back] Deal alert: LG V30S ThinQ drops to just $600 ($330 off) at B&H

The LG V30S ThinQ just keeps dropping in price. The phone originally launched at an astronomical $929.99, but B&H quickly realized that nobody wants to pay that much for a slightly better V30 and dropped the price to $729.99. Near the end of May, the price dropped yet again to $679.99. It's now been reduced by another $80 to $599.99, but that price is available for today only.

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LG V30S ThinQ available for pre-order in the US at the astronomical price of $930

LG announced a new version of the V30 at Mobile World Congress this year called the V30S ThinQ. At the time, it wouldn't commit to launching the phone in the US. Now, pre-orders for the North American V30S ThinQ are live, and the price tag is bordering on insulting. The B&H product page lists this phone at $929.99. Yikes.

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[Hands-on] LG announces the LG V30S ThinQ, which is just a V30 with camera AI and more RAM

LG rolled the V30 out late last year with a few notable features, at least for LG. That phone had the first OLED panel on an LG phone in several years, and it didn't have the extra ticker display that defined older V-series phones. It turns out LG isn't done with the V30 yet. As rumors indicated, LG is releasing a new version of the V30 called the V30S ThinQ (yes, that's the name) with AI camera goodies. With a new name and features, you might expect this phone to be at least modestly different than the last V30. Well, ThinQ again.

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