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uTorrent updated with dark mode and bottom-tab navigation

One month after BitTorrent's update with a dark theme and bottom navigation, uTorrent is getting the same treatment on Android. The changes are live as part of version 6.1.4, which began rolling out a few days ago.

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First µTorrent beta release adds torrent streaming

The µTorrent client on Android has hundreds of millions of downloads, but that's not surprising. People love downloading Linux ISOs, right? Starting today, there's a beta program for the µTorrent app, and it'll let you stream your "Linux ISOs" immediately instead of downloading them.

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µTorrent 2.0 Brings A Completely Revamped UI, Lets You Select Files Within Torrents, And More - Out Now For Beta Testers Only

Those torrents aren't going to download themselves. You're going to want yourself a solid bittorrent client, and since you're running Android, you're in luck. The BitTorrent app underwent a big 2.0 redesign just last month, and now µTorrent is starting to do the same. It's a much needed change too. Just take a look.

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[New App] µTorrent Gets A Premium Ad-Free Version Of The Android Client For $3

This is what I like to see in an Android monetization model: options. The BitTorrent company released a full-function version of µTorrent (AKA uTorrent or MicroTorrent) a little more than a year ago. The beta app was free, but now there's a paid version that drops the beta tag in favor of a "Pro" label. The new app is $2.99 and includes all of the improvements made to the original app, with a little extra.

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The description says that the Pro version of µTorrent is ad-free. I don't doubt that, but I also don't see any advertising in the free beta app.

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[New App] µTorrent Releases Full-Function BitTorrent Beta Client For Android

Up to now, there's been no shortage of rudimentary BitTorrent apps for Android, both in the areas of actual download clients (usually pretty poor stuff) and remote managers for desktop torrent programs. But now, downloaders have access to one of the most popular and celebrated torrent clients out there: µTorrent, often called uTorrent or MicroTorrent. The officially blessed BitTorrent client is now available as a beta Android app, downloadable to any Android device running Eclair or later.

ut1 ut2 ut3

The µTorrent Beta seems to be an updated version of BitTorrent Beta, the official BitTorrent company's app. Both apps (along with the remote managers for their desktop programs) are available on Google Play now.

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Official BitTorrent Remote Client Hits Android Market – Manage Downloads, Get Information, And Check Feeds On The Go

BitTorrent users now have another useful tool at their disposal with the introduction of an official BitTorrent remote client to the Android Market. BitTorrent Inc. (which also owns uTorrent), recently released BitTorrent Remote, an app that allows users to monitor, manage, and control torrent downloads on the go from their mobile devices.

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Besides enabling control over torrent downloads, BitTorrent Remote also allows users to get a detailed readout of information related to each download, including speed, file size, seeds, and ETA. The client also allows the user to begin downloads by simply downloading them on a mobile browser, or clicking torrent links within webpages.

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New uTorrent Alpha Release Adds Integration For Android, iOS, PS3 And Xbox - Allows Users To Drag And Drop Downloaded Content To Their Mobile Devices, Consoles

uTorrent, one of the most popular BitTorrent clients in existence, has released a new alpha build that brings an awesome new functionality. Users can now drag and drop downloaded content to various devices (including Android phones and tablets) directly from the uTorrent interface.


uTorrent also plans to add video and audio file conversion support in a later, paid version of their software, uTorrent Plus. These features are not new, however. Vuze, a competing BitTorrent client, added device integration and file conversion long ago and has seen great success.

It would appear that the development team at uTorrent is looking to follow that successful model, while still gaining revenue from it.

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Official uTorrent Remote App Debuts - Manage All Those Perfectly Legal Downloads From Your Android Phone

Before anyone jumps on me, I know there's a number of remote torrent management applications out there on the Market, including ones that work with uTorrent. This app, however, is being put out by none other than BitTorrent Inc., the owners of uTorrent. That means you can expect a remote torrent client that actually works, as opposed to the aforementioned mediocre alternatives. Not to mention the fact that uTorrent Remote packs a feature set other remote torrent apps simply can't match.

screen screen (1)

What a suspiciously legitimate download queue.

Unfortunately, there's a catch. You need to be using the 3.0 Alpha build of uTorrent on your PC (get it here) in order for this app to work, which is currently only available for Windows.

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