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Used phone buyer's guide: The best value for every budget (Fall 2017 edition)

Depreciation is great - not so much for people who purchase things new, but definitely for those of us who get to swoop in and grab a slightly-used item for a fraction of the original price. This is the case for cars, furniture, tools, and as we'll be discussing today, smartphones. Whether you're looking into the used market because you cracked your screen, you need to buy a phone for a relative/friend, or you just want the best performance for the money, this updated guide will help you find the best entrants at different price brackets. We made one for spring 2017, and here's your fall 2017 edition.

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The best used Android phones to buy (Spring 2017 edition)

There are plenty of reasons to consider buying a used phone. You might drop your own phone in a pool and need something to tide you over until your carrier upgrade, or you maybe you want a frugal option for a second line you won't use frequently. Or, you might just be in search of a good deal. Just because a phone isn't new doesn't mean it isn't good anymore, but which phones are worth considering?

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T-Mobile Says It Will Beat Any Carrier Smartphone Trade-In Deal, Or Pay Customers The Difference Plus $50

There are a lot of smartphone trade-in programs from both retailers and carriers, and to be frank, they suck. In just about every situation you can get more for your current gadgets by selling them yourself on secondary markets like Craigslist, eBay, or Swappa. The only reason to sell gadgets to carriers (or any retailer) is the convenience factor. But T-Mobile is positioning itself as the self-styled people's champion of smartphone trade-ins, or at the very least, the best option among its competitors.

t-mo tradein

A new press release says that T-Mobile intends to rigorously "track the market," adjusting its trade-in prices every day to make sure it stays ahead of carrier alternatives.

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[Update x2] UpgradeSwap Has Stopped Buying Used T-Mobile Phones, And You Probably Should Too

Update 6/24: In a statement to Tmonews, T-Mobile has confirmed that it has a system in place that allows users (and UpgradeSwap) to check the IMEI to verify whether or not the device is being financed. You can find that tool here.

If a customer wants to purchase a T-Mobile phone and is checking the IMEI number, they should be using our tool for the correct information.

Update 2 6/24: In this ever-increasing back-and-forth battle, UpgradeSwap has now responded with a claim that T-Mo's own system doesn't even work correctly half the time. They even provided us with a screenshot of the system showing an invalid IMEI error on a T-Mobile Galaxy S4.

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Vodafone UK To Begin Offering 'Nearly New' Smartphones To Pay-As-You-Go Customers

It's easy for the tech world to forget that not everyone is looking to buy a new $200 phone on contract every six months. Vodafone UK hasn't forgotten, though. The British carrier is launching a new service to help put top-tier smartphones in the hands of pay-as-you-go customers by selling them lightly used hardware. More specifically, phones exchanged within the carrier's 7-day return window.

If you're buying a phone without a contract, the up-front cost would be slightly cheaper, as one would expect from a used device. For those concerned, stores do check to ensure the mobiles still work, wipe any data or settings, and package them up with any requisite accessories.

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