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Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter hands-on: It's a power meter that tells you things (+20% off coupon)

I admit that we're all pretty nerdy here at AP and we obsess over things that most people don't even consider. But we do it for all of you. One thing that some of us, especially Artem, want to know is how fast a particular charger/cable combination charges. Power meters were designed just for people like us, but I am here to show you what the folks at Satechi have cooked up.

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Satechi releases USB Type-C charging meter

In the microUSB days, there were several handy little power meters you could get that measured the power draw of your phone. I have one in a drawer someplace because most new phones have moved to USB Type-C, rendering that device useless. Now, there's a Type-C power meter available courtesy of Satechi. It's a little more expensive than the microUSB versions were, but it looks slick.

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Kingston announces 1TB and 2TB flash drives, because why not

Since the very first disc drive, the 5MB IBM 350, storage has only become cheaper, smaller, and more plentiful. Today at CES, Kingston Digital announced the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (that's a mouthful) flash drives, which will be sold in both 1TB and 2TB configurations.

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Google Wifi is powered by USB Type-C

If you check out the listing for Google Wifi, you'll see that it doesn't say much about the power adapter—just that there is one. According to Google's USB Type-C Tsar, Benson Leung, it's actually a Type-C power adapter very similar to the one that comes with the Pixel C. Neat.

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Native HDMI output mode developed for USB Type-C

USB Type-C is fast becoming the standard for mobile devices, and it's more than just a reversible plug design. USB Type-C can do a lot more than microUSB could, and that now includes native HDMI output. The HDMI Founders organization has developed HDMI Alternate Mode for Type-C, which could enable easy video-out on future devices.

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[8-Hour Deal Alert] 128 or 200GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick for $57/$72 on Amazon

If you have a phone that isn't so fortunate to have been blessed with a microSD slot (*ahem*, Nexus owners) or just want to be able to access your files from multiple devices at the same time, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is a good option. As part of Amazon's Deal of the Day, you'll be able to snag a 128GB model for $56.79 and a 200GB model for $71.99. They usually go for around $70 and $100 on Amazon, respectively.

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USB-IF announces new USB charger certification program

For the last year, Googler Benson Leung has been waging a one-man war on bad USB accessories. Going forward, he'll have some help in the form of the USB Implementers Forum itself. The USB-IF has announced a certification program complete with a handy little logo. If you see that logo, you'll know the accessory in question is in compliance with the spec and won't break your gear.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub On Sale For $25 (50% Off) Via Amazon With Coupon Code

Your computer has a few USB ports, sure, but is that enough? Maybe you need more USB ports than any sane person should be using. Perhaps, you need ten more USB 3.0 ports on your computer. Well, the ZeroLemon 10-port hub offers that, but it's usually $50. Today, it's only half that much if you use the coupon code below.

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Monoprice Announces New Line Of Super-Inexpensive USB Type-C Cables

Monoprice is known for offering great deals on cables and other electronics accessories, and that includes Type-C cables. The company previously launched the "Select Series" Type-C cables, and now it has started selling an even cheaper (and more colorful) series called Palette priced from $3.99 to $5.99.

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[Deal Alert] iOrange-E Car Chargers With USB Type-C Are Up To 50% Off With Coupon On Amazon

With all those new USB Type-C devices popping up, we're always on the lookout for compatible accessories to replace all the microUSB cables and chargers we have lying around. Of course, not all type-C accessories are created equal, and some can even completely fry your hardware. That's why we're careful to only recommend stuff that has Benson Leung's seal of approval, and iOrange-E has had a consistent track record so far.

iOrange-E has three new car chargers which come with Quick Charge 2.0 or a Type-C USB cable built in, and we've got Amazon coupons which will give you up to half off the current price.

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