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Choetech's 65W USB Type-C wall charger is now just $22 ($13 off)

You might already have a few USB Type-C wall adapters around your home, but third-party options can give you more features (and sometimes a smaller size) than the chargers included with phones and tablets. Choetech's 65W USB-PD wall adapter offers enough power for anything from earbuds to ultrabooks, and it's now just $21.99 on Amazon. That's $13 off the usual price.

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Snag an Aukey 33W car adapter with USB-C and Quick Charge 3.0 for $11 with coupon code ($8 off)

Even though most of us probably weren't driving quite as much as we had hoped to this holiday weekend, it never hurts to have a high-quality USB charger in your car. Even better still, if you can find one that's both versatile enough to be compatible most devices and can fill those batteries quickly enough to be useful, even on shorter trips. If that sounds like just the thing you've been looking for, you can pick up an Aukey 33W car adapter with QC 3.0 for only $11 on Amazon with coupon code BENN6T7F  — saving yourself $7.98 by doing so.

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Snag an Aukey 48W charger with USB-C PD 2.0 for only $16 with coupon code ($27 off)

As game-changing as USB Type-C has been, most of us still have at least one or two devices lying around that require us to keep a USB Type-A charger handy as well. For simplicity's sake, why not have one charger that can accept both that can also output enough power to charge whatever device you need quickly and safely? Today, we have a deal that can help with just that. Right now, you can grab a dual-port Aukey 30W USB- C PD 2.0/18W Quick Charge 3.0 compatible charger from Amazon for only $16.34—saving $26.65 off the regular price of $42.99.

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The big list of phones and tablets with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0

Fast charging can be a difficult topic to wrap your head around. There are a lot of competing standards, all with different cables and power adapters, but one of the most popular is Qualcomm's 'Quick Charge' technology. There are different versions with different charging speeds, but QC 2.0 and 3.0 are still common to find in today's phones and tablets.

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5 great USB charging stations that will keep all your gadgets ready for action

We live in interesting times—most of us are staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus. Many people are also trying to jury-rig a home office to get work done. That might mean you've got devices like laptops, phones, and tablets floating around that need charging, and you probably want to avoid the inevitable tangle of cables. A charging station can come in handy during these trying times, and here are the best ones you can get.

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Pixel 3 and 4 USB transfer speeds dwarfed by the competition in recent tests

According to a recent set of benchmarks conducted by the folks at Android Authority, Google’s latest Pixels suffer a bit of a problem with file transfer speed over USB Type-C. Although Google bills the port as supporting USB 3.0 transfer speeds, something about the phone’s configuration results in nearly half the speed compared to other recent phones, like the OnePlus 7T Pro and Galaxy S10e.

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SanDisk reveals 1TB flash drive with Type-A and Type-C connectors

One of the advantages of everything moving to USB Type-C is that you can use many of the same accessories with all your devices. However, it's still pretty common to run into a PC with no Type-C ports at all, which is where SanDisk's new USB drive comes in.

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Realme’s AirPods clone supports wireless charging, USB-C, and costs $56

Despite being late to the party, the AirPods undoubtedly managed to remodel the true wireless earbuds category. Though they play nice only with Apple devices, many Android users have secretly wanted those iconic white stems sticking out of their ears. To fill that gap, Realme, like many other brands, has stepped in with a pair of AirPods (1st gen) clones, called Buds Air, that bring a few premium features to the table without breaking the bank.

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Pixel 4 has USB video output disabled in software

The Nexus 5 was the last of Google's phones to support video output over a wired connection (remember SlimPort?), but some have continued to hold out hope for the feature. While it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the Pixel 4 still doesn't support wired video output, one interesting fact about it has been discovered: it seems to be disabled in software.

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Google's Stadia controller won't support USB-C headphones at launch

During the first Stadia AMA on Reddit, we learned that support for Bluetooth audio through the controller would be coming but not available at launch in November. The Stadia FAQ page has just been updated to highlight that the same is true of audio over USB-C.

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