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[Deal Alert] SanDisk 64GB USB OTG Drive Just $19 on Amazon

One of the cooler and, in my opinion, underutilized features present in many modern Android flagships is the ability to use MicroUSB OTG devices to quickly transfer media. If this is a feature that you have wanted to take advantage of for a while, but just haven't gotten around to picking up a OTG thumb drive, then now might be a good time to finally grab one.

Today you can buy a 64GB SanDisk USB 2.0 OTG flash drive for just under $19.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Android TV Gains Native Support For External Storage And A2DP Bluetooth Streaming

Hey Android TV fans: have you checked out our review of the NVIDIA SHIELD? You should. We worked really hard on it, and it's kind of being blown away by all this Google I/O news. Two things that the SHIELD Android TV can do that the Nexus Player can't are accessing external storage via USB and broadcasting audio over Bluetooth (with the extra remote). But if you flash the Android M developer preview to your Nexus Player, you can access both of those things!

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[Deal Alert] Get A 32GB SanDisk Dual USB/MicroUSB Flash Drive For Only $10 At Best Buy

Are you a new owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and have expandable storage withdrawal? Maybe things aren't so bad, since Best Buy is running a killer deal on a tiny flash drive that will plug straight into your phone. Of course, the main negative to a microUSB device would be the difficulty getting files onto it, but there's an easy way to deal with that: this one also has a standard USB plugin.

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Fire TV And Fire TV Stick Updates For Public Wi-Fi And Other New Features Are Rolling Out Now


[Hands-On] SanDisk Announces Ultra Dual USB Drive, A Tiny USB Thumbdrive That Plugs Into Computers And Phones

SanDisk is announcing a new product today, the Ultra Dual USB Drive, or Dual Drive for short. It's not the only USB key with both a USB and microUSB plug, but this is not exactly a saturated product category either. The Dual Drive has a super-compact form factor and should support most Android devices without issue. We got a unit to take a look at a little early, so let's get up close and personal.

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CES 2011: A Look At RCA's Android TV Prototype

At the RCA booth today we got a quick glimpseat something they're working on. It's a 42" full HD TV, that runs Android 2.2 at the same time. The OS can be controlled from the TV's remote or with what looked strikingly similar to the Brando Rii Bluetooth keyboard. The UI is a custom media-centric launcher which allows you to view images and videos on the large screen. Around the back we found a USB port which indicates that you should be able to play external media from your own storage devices.

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