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The Galaxy S20's fast charging isn't just quick, it's verifiably safer thanks to new certification

It's one thing to push a crazy amount of power to a device, it's entirely another to do it safely. Thankfully for those of you planning to get a Galaxy S20, the USB-IF has just rubber-stamped the whole Galaxy S20 series as "Fast Charger Certified." When plugged into similarly certified USB accessories and chargers, you can rest a little bit easier knowing that all those watts it's sucking down won't go terribly wrong.

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[Update: It's back] This 90W USB-C PD charger is USB-IF certified, and it's only $26 on Amazon

The USB Type-C marketplace is no longer the shitshow that it once was, though it still pays to be careful when buying a new charger or battery. Much of the time, this means having to pony up a bit extra for the properly rated offerings, but that's not always the case. Nekteck's 90W USB-C Power Delivery charger with built-in cable is certified by the USB-IF, and it's only $25.99 on Amazon.

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USB4 will double the speed of USB 3.2 by basically becoming Thunderbolt 3

Yesterday, the USB Promoter Group revealed the next evolution of its ubiquitous peripheral spec: USB4. The new specification, which is still a draft in the final stages of review, is based on Intel's Thunderbolt 3 protocol, delivering up to 40Gbps throughput over existing, Thunderbolt spec-certified Type-C cables. That's twice as fast as current USB 3.2 maximums. It's also backward compatible with existing USB 3.2, 2.0, and Thunderbolt 3 specs and devices.

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USB Type-C Authentication Program gets started, sounds like it's effectively DRM for Type-C devices

Today the USB-IF, the non-profit behind the USB standard's marketing and specifications, revealed the formal launch of its "USB Type-C™ Authentication Program," originally announced back in 2016. The optional program "defines cryptographic-based authentication for USB Type-C chargers and devices." If that sounds like a thinly veiled euphemism for hardware DRM to you, that's because it is.

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Weekend poll: Does your phone have a USB-C port or microUSB?

Adoption of the new USB-C port standard has commenced surprisingly rapidly. While there are some holdouts in the world of budget phones, every major smartphone manufacturer but Apple has embraced the new port, even if across various levels of the USB standard or support for features like USB Power Delivery (USB-PD).

USB-C brought long-awaited features like a fully-reversible connector, increased charging speeds without "breaking" the USB standard, support for USB 3.0 and 3.1 features (well, for phones that have them), and the increasing adoption of things like USB audio. USB-C is, frankly, a no-brainer.

So, among Android Police readers, I'm curious how many of you have smartphones with USB-C ports.

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