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Android P feature spotlight: USB menu gets revamped, lets you transfer files and charge a connected device simultaneously

The USB connection menu in Android P is getting a revamp. Gone is the small pop-up overlay and instead there's a fullscreen menu that introduces a few visual and functional changes.

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Bestek's Wall Charging Station Is Inexpensive, Compact, And Charges A Crazy Amount Of Things, Perfect For Gadget Freaks

Buying a laptop was a necessity, and so was that phone. Maybe you need didn't need the tablet, but you took a chance on it anyway, and it's been pretty fun. The e-reader was a tad pricy, but it's since made reading so much less of a hassle. All of those devices have crappy speakers, though, so a set of portable Bluetooth speakers was a must. We understand. We also understand how much of a pain it can be charging all those devices, and sometimes there simply aren't enough outlets within walking distance. That's why Bestek's wall charging station is a bit of a dream come true.

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The Practical Meter Finishes Kickstarter Campaign With Over 16 Times Its 10k Fundraising Goal

Think your smartphone is charging at full power? Think again. Your phone may tell you it's charging - it may even think it's charging - but like a freshman at a liberal arts university, it doesn't know what it's doing or what it wants. This is where Practical Meter steps in. Think of it as an academic adviser for charging phones. It tells you how fast your phone is charging, and if used correctly, can help you get things moving in the right direction. Practical Meter's appeal is so strong that Power Practical just closed its Kickstarter funding period with sixteen times more money than they asked for.

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