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Samsung's new USB PD 100W chips may finally bring ultra-fast charging to the masses

Xiaomi recently impressed battery worrywarts with its 100-watt Super Charge Turbo solution, but has yet to officially announce a phone with that technology. But when it comes to connecting up a couple of things with a USB cable, there's more to the equation than just power. Samsung is attempting to push that point by introducing a couple of power management chips today that can push 100W, but also puts priority on encryption.

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Anker's compact 10,000mAh USB-C power bank is down to $32 ($14 off)

No matter how energy efficient my phone is, there's always this time when I need to charge it during the day. It could be that I forgot to plug it in overnight, but it's often because I took way too many photos or used it as a GPS to get around and drained its battery. To overcome this issue, I usually carry a pocket-size battery pack with me to power up my phone in case it needs some juice. Thanks to this coupon code, Anker's compact battery is a steal, at just $32 instead of $46.

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Get Anker's 20,100 mAh power bank plus a 30W USB-C charger for $60 ($40 off)

USB-C is so hot right now. A lot of users refuse to buy products that don't include the new standard, which makes this Anker bundle particularly enticing: it includes both a USB-C-equipped, 20,100 mAh power bank and a 30-watt USB-C wall charger. Even better, you can get it for 40 percent off using our exclusive coupon code.

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Anker's pocket-size USB-C power bank is just $35 ($11 off) with this coupon code

Convenience is a priority when it comes to charging accessories, and for power banks, it doesn't get much more convenient than a pocketable form factor and USB-C input and output. The Anker PowerCore 10000 PD has all that and more, and you can get it for just $34.99 on Amazon with a coupon code.

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Monday deals: Save on Jaybird Tarah earbuds, first-gen Echo Show, and USB-C charging accessories

It's been a full week since our last deal round-up! In the intervening days, we've spotted a number of bargains you might want to know about: a solid price on Jaybird's Tarah earbuds, very cheap first-generation Echo Shows, and a couple of cool USB-C accessories in impulse buy territory.

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Zendure's SuperTank may be ugly, but it's the best and most powerful Type-C battery you can buy

Batteries, by design, shouldn't be an exciting subject. When we're talking about the brick you connect to a thousand-dollar smartphone which holds tremendous quantities of literally explosive chemical power, "exciting" isn't usually a word you want to hear. So I won't call Zendure's new SuperTank battery exciting, even though it can spit a massive 100W of power over USB Type-C, with almost perfect device compatibility, exceptional performance, and all at a very reasonable price.

This is the best battery we've ever reviewed at Android Police — and if I'm being honest, that's a little bit exciting.

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Moshi's Avanti C hybrid 3.5mm/Type-C headphones are worth the steep asking price

For those of us that prefer wired headphones, or who merely can't tolerate the bugginess of Bluetooth on many Android phones, there aren't a lot of USB Type-C choices out there — especially if you don't want noise canceling. Moshi's new Avanti C checks the right boxes, though. There's no charging, no Bluetooth, and no ANC. What you do get is good audio, nice build quality, and dongle-free wired compatibility with 3.5mm and USB Type-C sources. Moshi thinks that's worth $200, and I agree.

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Moshi's Mythro C USB Type-C earphones are well worth the $50 price tag

The 3.5mm headphone jack is now an exception rather than a standard in the flagship smartphone world. Many consumers have turned to Bluetooth options, but there are still some folks who prefer wired audio. If you're in the latter camp and you hate dealing with dongles, you'll probably want a set of USB Type-C headphones.

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Google's USB-C 18W charger drops below $15 ($20 off)

Google's fast charger, originally designed to power up Pixel smartphones, has been available on the company's store since 2016. It's been selling for $35 ever since but Walmart is currently offering it for less than $15, which is a fair bargain if you're looking to reduce your device's charging time.

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Pick up Anker's 30W USB-C charger for $18 ($8 off) and keep all your gadgets juiced up on the cheap

The standardization of charging ports to USB-C has been a net positive, but it does mean that you might have a charger on hand that fits a given item but doesn't provide quite enough juice. Anker's 30-watt USB-C wall charger can help with that. It can top up anything with the right port, from phones to laptops, and it's currently a steal at $18.

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