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Amazon Updates Its Policies To Ban USB Type-C Cables That Are Not Fully Spec Compliant

Googler Benson Leung has a new ally in his fight against bad Type-C cables on Amazon, and it's none other than Amazon itself. Leung reports that Amazon has added a new line to its prohibited listing guidelines that bans cables that aren't completely compliant with the Type-C specification. It's not the end of the fight, but the tide may have turned in our favor.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Ten USB Type-C 'Starter Packs' From AP And Tronsmart

USB Type-C is the new hotness, and we're already seeing several manufacturers adopt the new (and improved) technology. The newest Google handsets and tablet all have Type-C, the LG G5 will have it, and even companies like Blu have moved to this tech for its newest Vivo phones. Whether we're ready or not, this is something that we'll see even more of moving forward.

While USB Type-C is essentially superior to its predecessor in every way, it's still a huge pain to move from something that's been around as long as microUSB. There's a good chance you have cables and chargers aplenty, and giving up the luxury of having multiple chargers pretty much sucks.

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Saygus Says It Added Marshmallow, USB-C, Waterproofing, And Dual SIM Card Slots To The V-Squared Phone

Saygus, the company that really will have an actual smartphone for sale any day now, they totally promise, has some more promises for you. A press release issued at Mobile World Congress lays out a series of improvements to the crowdfunded V-Squared phone, which should be easy to implement since the phone still isn't finished despite a first quarter manufacturing target. No less than four, count 'em, four new features have been introduced since... last year's Mobile World Congress. The fact that Saygus has missed multiple ship dates between now and then is conspicuously absent from the press release.

Those features are "waterproofing" (an interesting claim, since every other manufacturer has the sense to cover their asses with the term "water-resistant"), Android 6.0 software, dual-SIM card slots (a popular feature for unlocked and low-cost phones outside the US), and a USB Type-C port, a la that OnePlus 2.

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[Deal Alert] Buy Tronsmart USB Type C Cables, Car Charger, And Wall Charger With Quick Charge 3.0 For Up To $11 Off Using These Coupon Codes

You may not have paid much money for that new Nexus 5X, but the cost doesn't stop there. That single charger the phone came with simply isn't enough. You need one for your car, one to connect to your computer, one to keep in your bag, and one for every outlet of every room in the house, give or take a couple.

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[Weekend Poll] Would You Rather Your Next Smartphone Have A microUSB Or A USB Type C Connector?

There's little doubt that the transition to USB Type C connectors is in full swing in 2016. Laptops and smartphones alike are picking up the standard for its large set of features and promised ubiquity as we head into the future, and it's easy to understand the reasoning.

But, like so many new standards, at the moment USB-C still has a few drawbacks worth noting, and smartphones are probably the market where they're most apparent. First, there are practical concerns: how many USB-C cables do you currently have? If you don't have a USB-C smartphone or laptop, my guess is "zero." If you do, you still probably have far fewer USB-C cables than you do Type A to microUSB ones, and the same for wall chargers.

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Google Engineer Benson Leung Finds A USB Type C Cable That Isn't Just Dangerous On Paper — It Allegedly Fried His Hardware

Not all USB Type C cables are created equal. Some charge better than others. A number ignore USB spec so much that they run the risk of actually damaging your hardware. This could happen gradually, or in the worst-case scenario, it could be instant.

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[Sorry Part 2] The New Nexus 6P And 5X Won't Have Wireless Charging Either

Earlier today (well, maybe one or two hours ago today, we're not entirely aware of time anymore), we brought you the sad news that both of Google's new Nexus devices won't have a MicroSD card slot. But don't put away your sad trombone just yet. The sad news stretches a little bit more because we're about to let you in on another difficult decision Google had to make: there's no wireless charging on either of these phones.

So what gives, El Goog? Despite Qualcomm's technology that enables wireless charging on devices with metal cases, we had a hunch the Nexus 6P won't support Qi charging.

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Hands-On With The OnePlus 2: Wood, Fingerprints, And Mute Switches

I've never used a OnePlus One for more than a few minutes, and I've never really had much of a desire to (hey, just being honest). After hearing Artem's many horror stories about the device, seeing the slow OTA timeline of Cyanogen Inc., and being perfectly happy buying a full-on flagship phone since no-interest financing is readily available here in America, the One never really caught my attention as a product. So, I like to think I'm going into the OnePlus 2 with slightly fresher eyes here, though what that really amounts to in any substantive sense I have no clue.

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The New USB Type C Connector: A Practical Guide To The Next Generation Of Data And Power Ports

While there has yet to be a major smartphone announced with a USB Type C connector, we know they're coming. As are tablets, laptops, and pretty much every other kind of USB gadget you can imagine. This is our quick guide to USB Type C (and USB 3.1, which are actually not the same thing), which will go over the benefits of the new standard, as well as discuss the kind of cables you'll probably want to buy in the next couple of years as it is adopted.

Why are we switching to a new port configuration? Are my old cables going to be useless?

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