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Android 7.0 CDD says Google may soon require OEMs to stop screwing with USB-C charging standards

In its latest revision of the Android Compatibility Definition Document, Google has laid down some rather interesting rules not related to Android itself, but rather common device hardware. In the CDD, a new section has appeared that specifically relates to the USB Type C standard and charging - a subject that has become increasingly thorny with the proliferation of numerous proprietary fast charging standards.

While the section for now is labeled as "STRONGLY RECOMMENDED," Google is signaling clearly that it could become mandatory: "in future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers."

The section essentially boils down to this.

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PSA: Pixel and Pixel XL do not work with Google's USB-C to HDMI dongle

Even in a world with Chromecasts and other streaming devices, it's often just easier to plug your phone directly into your TV with an HDMI cable and an adapter. Some people depend on this functionality quite a bit, and for those of you that do, it might not please you to hear that Google's Pixel smartphones will not support the company's own USB Type-C to HDMI adapter.

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Google adds a Belkin 27W USB-C car charger to the Google Store, but it costs a whopping $45

If you drive a car and have a phone, you've probably got a car charger somewhere - they're very useful for a top-up of juice or if you use the phone for navigation or music while driving. Presumably, Google's realised the same thing, as it's added a Belkin car charger to the store.

The charger, which was announced a few months ago, is 27W - this means it can charge up to 70% faster. Like the charger that comes in the 6P or 5X box, it supports USB Power Delivery. It can also charge laptops or tablets, such as the Chromebook Pixel or the Pixel C, faster than lower wattage chargers can.

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[Update: $5 off fast charging model] Deal Alert: Get a Choetech USB-C Qi wireless charger for $10 after a $6 coupon

Qi wireless charging isn't on many 2016 flagships, but it's still an awesome thing to have. The ability to plunk down your phone when you go to sleep and wake up to a fully charged device doesn't sound like much, but it's a godsend when you're tired. Now, you can pick a Choetech USB Type-C wireless charger up for just $9.99 with a coupon code.

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[Neat] The LG G5 can use DisplayPort Alternate Mode on USB Type-C LG monitors

Part of the promise of USB Type-C is the ability to connect non-USB signals using the same cable. One such specification is DisplayPort, the kind of cable you use to connect to certain video monitors. It turns out, if you connect an LG G5 to LG's 4K 27UD88-W monitor using the provided USB Type-C to Type-C cable, you can mirror your display.

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[Nice] The LG G5 Supports USB Power Delivery Over USB Type-C In Addition To Qualcomm QC3.0

Remember that debacle over the LG G5 and HTC 10's support for Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 and how it meant that those phones weren't exactly compliant with the USB Type-C spec? Google engineer Benson Leung actually opened our eyes to the issue and explained that by its mere mode of operation, QC 3.0 raises Vbus above the 5V spec limit to 9V and 12V to get faster charging rates.

Well, it looks like LG has done something interesting in its G5. It doesn't just support Quick Charge 3.0, but it also supports the official USB Power Delivery 2.0 protocol. Gtrusted's engineers did the test and showed the analyzer traces in the image above: the G5 can charge with Google's Universal Type-C 60W Charger at 15 Watts (5V @ 3A) and 18 Watts (9V @ 2A).

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Familiar Rumor Says Samsung To Switch To Type C USB Port, This Time On The Note 6

Last year, both The Wall Street Journal and Sammobile reported that the Galaxy S7 would feature a Type C USB connector. As you may know, the Galaxy S7 does not feature a Type C USB connector. But these rumors didn't come out of thin air - it seems more likely than anything that Samsung was at least testing Type C connectivity on the Galaxy S7, but for one reason or another ended up sticking with the tried-and-true micro-B connector.

Sammobile is back at it again, this time claiming the Note 6 will mark Samsung's USB-C debut. I do find this more plausible than the S7 rumor, so let me posit my theory here.

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Benson Leung Won't Recommend The HTC 10 Or LG G5 Because QC3.0 Over USB Type-C Is Not Spec Compliant

This. Sucks. Benson Leung, the Google man who has been on a mission to debunk every faulty and non-compliant and wannabe USB Type-C cable and adapter sold on Amazon, has spoken rather harshly about two of this year's flagship Android devices: the HTC 10 and the LG G5.

Benson actually explained this issue in detail back in November of last year, citing the USB Type-C specification, which forbids proprietary charging methods from changing Vbus above 5V. And you guessed it, this is exactly how Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 works: it can charge intermittently at 9V and 12V to achieve faster charging rates.

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LeEco Announces Three Android Phones With Up To 6GB Of RAM And No 3.5mm Audio Jack

It has begun. The race to remove the 3.5mm audio jack and laugh at it like some antiquated technology your grandpa used to love has started. And I'm not sure that I or any of us really are ready for this new era of audio connectivity.

LeEco, a company we've previously covered under the Letv name, has launched three new devices in China with an impressive spec sheet, a killer price tag, and no 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, that's apparently a feature and not a problem. As far as I understand it, the reason why everyone was excited about removing the jack was that it would make it possible to build thinner smartphones and remove one bulky component that usually restrains designers and forces them to compromise or scratch their heads for months to find a spot for it.

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USB-IF Goes To War Against Bad USB-C Cables, Announces Type-C Authentication Support

In the continuing war against bad USB Type-C cables, the USB Implementers Forum, USB-IF for short - no, there's not a USB-ELSE - has announced USB PD 3.0, which includes a new Authentication program, meaning there is even less chance a bad cable will damage your devices.

Type-C Authentication means that any cable that is plugged in automatically authenticates itself with the other device (such as a phone, tablet, or laptop), before any data or power is transferred between the two, causing the host device to verify the cable has been fully verified by the USB-IF and is safe to use.

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