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Aukey's 18W dual-port PD charger is down to just $7 ($8 off)

Filling up several devices simultaneously can be a pain. Thankfully, some wall chargers come with several ports, making it simpler to plug in two phones or tablets at once. Aukey's product, which can deliver up to 18W, is now down to just $7 on Amazon, which is 55% off compared to its traditional MSRP.

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Choetech's compact 61W USB-C PD charger is down to just $16 with this promo code ($12 off)

What I like the most with USB-C chargers is that I can use the same one to charge my phones, laptop, and tablet. Sadly, 60W ones tend to be bulky and expensive. Surprisingly, Choetech's offering is compact and powerful enough to charge a laptop or MacBook Pro, and is currently down to just $16 thanks to this deal.

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Grab RAVPower's compact 61W USB-C PD GaN wall charger for a new low of $23 ($13 off)

Now more than ever, we could all use a powerful charger to revive our depleted devices quickly, and thanks to GaN-based components and USB-C PD technology, the latest generation of charging adapters are smaller and faster than ever before. Right now, you can pick up RAVPower's 61W USB-C wall charger in black or white for $22.99 and $25.99, respectively—saving up to $13 off the $35.99 list price in the process.

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Charge your phone at full speed with Samsung's 45W charger for just $35 ($15 off)

The Galaxy Note10+ supports "super fast charging" with compatible 45W chargers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't provide one in the box and instead sells it separately for a whopping $50, which isn't necessarily worth paying for. Thankfully, the charger is now down to $35, making this a more interesting purchase.

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Power up two devices at once for just $19 with this Aukey dual-port USB-C PD charger ($8 off)

Whether you travel a lot or simply want to avoid multiplying the number of wall chargers, getting one with several outlets can be a good idea. If you're looking for a reliable one with USB-C compatibility, you're in luck, as Aukey's 36W USB-C PD wall charger is down to $19 with this deal.

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This RAVPower USB-C power bank packs 26,800mAh and three ports for $50 ($10 off)

Running out of power when you're on the go can be a real pain, but this RAVPower external battery has got you covered: It can charge a variety of devices thanks to its three ports and high capacity. It usually sells for $60, but you can now get it for $10 off on Amazon.

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This highly-rated 60W USB-C charger was just $9 (Update: Now $16 with coupon)

Gone are the days when you had to carry a variety of chargers and cables in your bag. Thanks to the USB-C standard, you can use a single wall charger to power all of your devices, including your laptop. Unfortunately, most 60W ones are relatively bulky, but Choetech's is compact and as powerful as a standard MacBook Pro charger, and it's currently down to just $9 thanks to this deal.

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Grab RAVPower's 61W USB-C PD GaN wall charger for $25 ($11 off)

Charging devices can often be painful, but things have become much simpler thanks to USB-C cables. Indeed, you can now carry a single charger to fill up your phone, laptop, and accessories. However, to power up a computer at full speed, you'd need a wall charger with a relatively high wattage, which often tend to be bulky. Thankfully, RAVPower's 61W USB-C PD wall charger can deliver enough power to fill up a MacBook Pro, while remaining relatively small. Thanks to this deal, you can get it for just $25, which is $11 less than what it usually sells for.

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Pick up the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD for $30 ($12 off) with coupon

In the market for a slim battery pack that doesn't compromise on capacity or features? The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD may be precisely the product you need. Even better still, this portable charger is currently available for only $30 ($12 off) from Amazon. Making this the lowest price we've seen yet for this model — albeit only by $2 less than the last time we spotted it on sale.

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RAVPower's tiny 61W USB-C PD wall charger is down to $29 with coupon code

Having two USB-C phones and a MacBook Pro means I can use a single charger to power them all up. However, my laptop's wall charger is relatively bulky, and there are times when I'd rather not carry it around. Thankfully, I just found the perfect deal: RAVPower's small USB-C PD wall chargers are down to $29 and $30 on Amazon, depending on the number of ports.

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