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Chargeasap Infinity Cable will tame your USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning mobile devices, from phones to laptops [Sponsored Post]

There are a ton of smart devices in your life. The first one that comes to mind may be your smartphone or your computer, but what about all the other gadgets you use every week, like your wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and rechargeable mice, just to name a few? Despite the tech industry's slow shift toward adopting a USB-C charging standard, the truth is that many of your devices have a variety of hardwired connections: Micro USB, USB-C, and even Apple's proprietary Lightning port. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a single charging cord that could replace that wad of wires unceremoniously shoved in your bedside nightstand?

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[Deal Alert] Choetech 10W fast wireless chargers, USB-C cables, and more on sale for up to 54% off with codes

Prime Day 2018 has come and gone, but there are still plenty of solid deals to be had at Amazon. If you're looking to stock up on some discounted fast wireless chargers, USB-C cables, wall chargers, and car chargers, Choetech has some promo codes offering up to 54% off on those items.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech USB-C cables, chargers, and more on sale for up to 43% off at Amazon w/coupon

It seems like every manufacturer is gearing up for Prime Day, and Choetech is no exception. Right now over at Amazon, you can pick up a variety of USB-C cables (one reviewed by Benson), a 5 port 90W QC 3.0 charger, and even a pair of waterproof phone bags. These deals are set to expire on the 10th (Amazon Prime Day), so you only have a few days left. 

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[Deal Alert] 6-pack Choetech assorted length USB-C to USB-C cables for $11.99 on Amazon w/ coupon ($8 off)

Do you still have drawers around your place filled with dated microUSB cables? It's 2017, and USB-C has been proliferating down the phone spectrum. It won't be long now until even low-end devices are sporting the world's newest and best USB connector. You had better get prepared, and the first step is replacing all those old cables. Here's a 40% off deal ($11.99) via coupon code for a 6-pack of assorted length Choetech USB-C to USB-C cables at Amazon. Welcome to the future.

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[Deal Alert] Two 6' USB-C to USB-C cables $5 at Amazon w/coupon ($7 off)

It's not often a deal ends up being over 50% off, but that's the case today. Right now over at Amazon, you can pick up a pair of six-foot USB-C to USB-C cables for $5 with a coupon code. They aren't explicitly Benson approved, but they are alleged to possess the requisite resistor, and the current ratings have it at 4.2 stars from 310 reviews.

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Anker issues recall and replacements after researcher demonstrates unsafe USB-C cables

We're at an interesting crossroads in Android hardware. Manufacturers are switching from MicroUSB for power and wired data to the newer, more capable USB-C standard. But the rush to provide mobile users with hundreds of millions of new cables and chargers creates, well, a rush. We've already seen some USB-C cables and other hardware that have been substandard, sometimes with disastrous results. So civic-minded geeks, including independent researcher Nathan K., have been looking into the performance and power output of popular cables.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech 6-pack USB-C cables for $12.99 on Amazon with coupon code

Are you still looking to buy some USB-A to USB-C cables? Maybe you didn't jump on board last year's Nexus phones or the LG G5 or HTC M10 or any of the new devices being released with USB-C, but you're eying that new Note7 and you can't wait to have it in your hands... except you need new cables. Or maybe you already have a couple of cables but you need moar, much moar, for the car and the portable charger you keep in your backpack and your Macbook/Pixel C and the nightstand and the dock at work, etc...

Either way, here's a deal you can jump on.

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The New USB Type C Connector: A Practical Guide To The Next Generation Of Data And Power Ports

While there has yet to be a major smartphone announced with a USB Type C connector, we know they're coming. As are tablets, laptops, and pretty much every other kind of USB gadget you can imagine. This is our quick guide to USB Type C (and USB 3.1, which are actually not the same thing), which will go over the benefits of the new standard, as well as discuss the kind of cables you'll probably want to buy in the next couple of years as it is adopted.

Why are we switching to a new port configuration? Are my old cables going to be useless?

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