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USB will soon be twice as fast and twice as confusing

USB 3.1 still isn't incredibly common on consumer electronics, but the USB Implementers Forum is looking to the future. The group has formally announced the new USB 3.2 standard, which not only promises to be twice as fast as USB 3.1 (in some cases), but will also be far more confusing.

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USB-IF Goes To War Against Bad USB-C Cables, Announces Type-C Authentication Support

In the continuing war against bad USB Type-C cables, the USB Implementers Forum, USB-IF for short - no, there's not a USB-ELSE - has announced USB PD 3.0, which includes a new Authentication program, meaning there is even less chance a bad cable will damage your devices.

Type-C Authentication means that any cable that is plugged in automatically authenticates itself with the other device (such as a phone, tablet, or laptop), before any data or power is transferred between the two, causing the host device to verify the cable has been fully verified by the USB-IF and is safe to use.

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