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USB will soon be twice as fast and twice as confusing

USB 3.1 still isn't incredibly common on consumer electronics, but the USB Implementers Forum is looking to the future. The group has formally announced the new USB 3.2 standard, which not only promises to be twice as fast as USB 3.1 (in some cases), but will also be far more confusing.

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[Deal Alert] 2-Pack 6' Anker USB 3.0 A to C cables $12 w/ promo ($8 off)

If you've been looking for a pair of USB A to C cables, you need look no further than today's Deal Alert: a 2-Pack of 6' Anker USB A to C cables. Although these particular cables are normally $20, today they're on sale for $12 with a promo code.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon 10,000mAh Solar Battery Charger $17.99 And Monster 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub $29.99

Craving some juice? How about some lemon juice? Well, I've got ZeroLemons to satiate you and your phone. I know that sounds like a bad deal, but ZeroLemon actually makes really good products that help you avoid any situation in which your phone could turn into a useless juiceless lemon. And today's deals get you some of the best value for your bucks from the company's portfolio.

First up is the 10,000mAh solar battery charger that we've seen sit at $26 at its lowest. It has 2A and 1A output ports so you can charge one phone or accessory faster than another, although this isn't Quick Charge.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk's Dual USB 3.0 And MicroUSB OTG Flash Drives Are At Their Lowest Prices On Amazon

If your modern phone or tablet doesn't have a MicroSD card slot like many Android flagships and mid-tier devices released in the last couple of years, you have a few limited options to transfer data between it and other devices or computers. There's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and finally there's USB OTG. That should be the fastest and if you have a flash drive with both a USB and a MicroUSB connector, you're set. If you don't, you can pick one of the best ones for cheap on Amazon today.

SanDisk's Ultra USB 3.0 flash drives with a MicroUSB connector are on sale now.

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[Deal Alert] Buy This Six Port USB Hub With Four USB 3.0 Ports And Two 2.1A Charging Ports For Just $19 With $12 Off Coupon Code

I don't think any computer I have ever owned has had enough USB ports to satisfy my needs. Mics, headsets, keyboards, cameras, cell phones, and this thing all demand access to my ports and there are simply not enough to go around.

That's why I'm so glad that USB hubs exist — They increase the number of connections at your disposal and keep your gadgets from fighting gladiator style death matches to determine who will take the last computer port (actually, that would be kinda awesome).

Alright, enough small talk, here's the deal. The Unitech Six Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub is on sale on Amazon for $19, down from its normal price of $31.

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SanDisk Catches Up To The Competition With A New 3.0-Ready Dual MicroUSB/USB Mobile OTG Stick

Dual microUSB/USB OTG sticks may not be brand new anymore, but they're still not nearly as prevalent as more traditional flash drives. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options out there from the big brands and lesser-known folks alike. A year ago, Leef Bridge announced a model with support for USB 3.0. A year later, SanDisk is now doing the same.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is a slightly redesigned version of the previous model, only it now handles faster transfer speeds. The stick still comes in the same sizes: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Prices range from $22.99 to $64.99, depending on which one you pick up.

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