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Latest OpenSignal State of the Mobile Networks report shows T-Mobile still on top, Verizon and AT&T recovering

OpenSignal's bi-yearly carrier report for the US was just released, and T-Mobile's rampage from last year seems to be continuing. Although both Verizon and AT&T are seeing some recovery in network speed after the reintroduction of their unlimited plans last year, T-Mobile has again topped nearly every category in OpenSignal's testing. Sprint, though still in 4th overall, is also making great strides in both speed and availability.

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WhatsApp Business launches officially for Android in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the USA [APK Download]

WhatsApp Business was officially announced in September of 2017 but back then you had to sign up for a beta, register your interest, and hope to be picked to give it a try. Now the app is made official and it's launching for Android in 5 countries to begin with, with a roll out "around the world" in the coming weeks. The lucky five are: Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Yes, the US, where everyone says they don't use WhatsApp. I also find it odd that the launch post mentions how businesses in India and Brazil rely on WhatsApp a lot for their communications, but then these two countries aren't among the list to get it first.

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Samsung smartphones will have their FM chip enabled in the US and Canada, in partnership with NextRadio

Some things baffle me about the US. The blind love of SMS is one, and the fact that the FM chip in smartphones isn't activated on many devices in the country for some reason (read: operator greed) is another. But things have been moving in the right direction: LG announced a partnership with NextRadio to unlock the FM chip in its smartphones a few months ago and now the same is happening with Samsung.

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Barclaycard US, 58 other banks add support for Android Pay

Google's Android Pay team is keeping the momentum going, with support for 59 more banks added. While most of the banks in question are regional banks hailing from Texas and other southwestern states, the most nationally known is likely Barclayscard US. This update brings the total number of participating banks to 1,131.

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Android Pay adds 34 new banks and credit unions in the US, including Charles Schwab Bank

If I've learned one thing from writing posts about Android Pay, it's that there are far more banks and credit unions in the US than I thought there was. Google already supports a massive number of them in Android Pay, but apparently there are still more to add.

Today Google has added 34 more banks and credit unions to the list, including one notable holdout, Charles Schwab Bank. Here are all of the others:

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Android Pay adds 24 new banks and credit unions in the US

Android Pay continues its expansion into small banks and credit unions across the United States and today brings us 24 additions. At this point, given the long list of banks supported, I'm starting to doubt that there's a bank for every 10 persons in the US. But then again, The World Bank says there are a little over 32 bank branches per 100K adults in the US. That's branches, so banks should be a lower figure. (Oh the things we search for when writing dull articles here...)

So if you were still waiting on your local bank or union to get Pay support, I wish you luck in finding it when browsing the list of additions below:

  1. Bank of Idaho
  2. Beehive Federal Credit Union
  3. Citizens Bank (WI)
  4. Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
  5. Duke University FCU
  6. First Community Bank (TX)
  7. Great Plains Bank
  8. Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi
  9. Gulf Winds FCU
  10. Mascoma Savings Bank
  11. Meadows Bank
  12. Meriwest Credit Union
  13. Nascoga Federal Credit Union
  14. One Bank & Trust, N.A.
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AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint will sell the LG V30 this fall

The LG V30 definitely seems to be living up to the hype. LG finally revealed the phone officially at IFA earlier today (we have a hands-on that you should check out!), and now several carriers in the US have announced they will sell the device.

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Nokia is planning a global release for its new devices, including the USA


A decade ago, I started my "blogging" career as a Nokia and Symbian enthusiast. For the better part of 5 years, most of my online life and work revolved around the brand, its new phones, announcements, events, apps, games, themes, and more. It's both ironic and nostalgic to say, but Nokia is part of the reason I'm here on Android Police now. So you can imagine I have a lot of love and unconscious attachment for the brand. I have kept an eye on its recent resurrection at MWC with the Nokia 3, 5, 6, and revamped 3310, and this news today makes me even more excited about it.

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HTC 10 in Camellia Red and Topaz Gold colors finally available in the U.S.


Up until this point, the HTC 10 has only been available (in the United States) in the rather dull-looking Carbon Grey and Glacier Silver colors. But if you're in the market for a new phone, not only has the price once again dropped to $599 for the unlocked model - but you can now grab it in the Camellia Red and Topaz Gold colors.

The Topaz Gold color looks clean and minimalist, and at least in my opinion, the Camellia Red looks fantastic. The new colors will start shipping in early October, but you can pre-order them now.

Purchasing the HTC 10 from HTC's website means you get free Uh-Oh Protection, which covers screen cracking and water damage for up to 12 months.

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Music streaming service Deezer launches today in the US

While it may not be known in the US, Deezer is a very popular music service that has amassed plenty of fans worldwide. The French company offers a huge catalogue of songs, over 40M to be accurate, which puts it ahead of Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music, and includes international releases as well as local music from different parts of the world. Its real tour de force though: quasi-worldwide presence. Deezer has been available in more than 180 countries since 2013, but there was one missing in the list: the USA.

To be accurate, Deezer has been accessible in the US before, but only through Cricket Wireless or on Sonos and Bose speakers.

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