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Waze Has Expanded Speed Limit Testing To Parts Of The US

Waze can tell you how to get where you're going. At the end of last month, it started telling people how fast to go on the way. These speed limit notifications were only supported in certain countries, of which the United States was not one.

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BlackBerry Drops The Price Of The Android-Powered Priv By $50 ($650) - Price Also Dropped In The UK And Europe

The BlackBerry Priv is nice. It really is! As the company's first full Android device it's impressive, and it's a downright godsend for all those users who've been starved for a high-end phone with a physical keyboard since the DROID 4 came out four freakin' years ago. But it's also expensive. At $700 in the US, it's among the priciest phones on the market... and BlackBerry's falling star in the smartphone world means that they can't afford to play at the same level as Samsung and Apple, at least not yet.

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The Sony Xperia Z5 And Z5 Compact Are Now Available In The US For $600 And $500, Respectively

While they don't carry the same popularity as flagships from Samsung, HTC, and LG, Sony still has some dedicated fans of its unique hardware. Those fans will be glad to know that the Xperia Z5 and its smaller cousin the Xperia Z5 Compact are now on sale in the United States, right on time. According to Sony's blog post, both phones should now be available at Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, and other electronics retailers. They're both being sold as unlocked GSM phones. At the time of writing Amazon only has the international version (without a US warranty) and Best Buy's website is only showing the Z5 Compact, but B&H seems to have all of the current US models.

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Pandora Introduces 'Browse' Section Filled With Music You Might Like, Coming Soon To Android

Millions of people already consider Pandora the best way to discover new music. You create a station starting with an artist you like, and the site follows that up with songs sharing similar characteristics. You indicate whether you like or don't like a song, and the station gets smarter from there.

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[Deal Alert] Save A Ton Of Money On Basically All Tronsmart Chargers With These Coupon Codes—Valid In The US, Canada, The UK, Spain, And France

Look, everyone has to charge their devices, and most of us have half a dozen chargers around the house, office, and in the car that helps make that happen not matter what the situation. If you've been looking for a new charger — perhaps a multiport one — then it's hard to find something better or more powerful than the ones that Tronsmart offers. They pretty much have everything you could possibly want, from a single-port car charger to a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger or the new Tronsmart Titan, which has five Quick Charge 2.0 ports. It's a beast.

If you're looking to pick up one of Tronsmart's offerings, the company has a slew of coupon codes to help you save some cash money dollars.

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OnePlus Extends On-Guard Insurance Plan To The US And Canada

There's a certain peace of mind that only comes from spending a bit of extra money when you buy something to get a protection plan that you probably won't even use, and now OnePlus 2 and X buyers in North America will have that option—just in time for the OnePlux X to kind of become available on these shores. And just as we saw in Europe, this enhanced warranty is only available to new customers.

Folks in the US and Canada will get the same coverage, but they're looking at slightly different prices. Okay, Canadians are getting the short end of the stick thanks to the lower value of their syrup-covered frozen dollars.

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Google Contributor Is Now Open To Everyone In The US, Subscribe To Hide Some Ads And Throw The Sites You Love A Buck

After having been available to some users as a beta for over half a year, Google Contributor is now available to everyone in the US.

Great, now I can contribute to Google!

Eh, not quite. Google Contributor's purpose is to free you from ads. Not all of them, mind you, but some. Pay $2 - $10 a month to remove anywhere from 5 - 50% of those banners and animated squares you see on the web. This money then provides an alternate way to fund the sites you frequent.


Here's how things work in the background. Contributors become bidders on AdSense, and the ads they outbid are the ones they don't have to see.

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The Moto X 2013 Android 5.1 OTA Update Is Starting: US And Brazilian Unlocked Models Plus Rogers Model For Now

The original Moto X signaled a major design shift for Motorola, and the company has done an admirable job keeping the device updated to the latest versions of Android so far. The Moto X 2013 is now seeing its first Android 5.1 updates, specifically for the unlocked retail models in the United States and Brazil plus the Rogers carrier version sold in Canada, according to Motorola manager David Schuster. This comes after a few weeks of soak tests.


That's just a short while after the first Moto X 2014 models were given 5.1 updates, and about three months after Google officially announced Lollipop 5.1 itself.

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Huawei Will Announce Its US Strategy At A June 2nd Event, US Variant Of Ascend P8 Lite Expected

Huawei is a huge device maker in Asia, and it's been slowly expanding into other markets too. The US has been essentially off-limits to the company, but that could be changing next month. At a June 2nd event, Huawei will talk about its plans for the US and it may announce its first North American device since the Mate 2.


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Mobile Passport Expands To Miami's MIA And Seattle's SEA Airports