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TikTok and WeChat spared from US bans for now (APK Download)

The Trump administration's prospects for bans on Chinese social apps TikTok and WeChat appear to be shelved for now. The shutdowns that were supposed to commence today  —as mandated by executive orders signed in August — have been delayed.

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Here's where West Coast states plan to test Apple and Google's express coronavirus notification program

California, Oregon, and Washington have announced that they are participating in tests of Apple and Google's Exposure Notifications Express program. ENE integrates a set of contact-logging Bluetooth APIs that were deployed in public health apps earlier this year into a streamlined distribution flow for all Android and iOS phones while minimizing time and monetary costs for the states.

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Google Pay now accepted for Passport parking payments in Austin

Passport, one of the nation's largest vendors for pay-by-phone parking technology, has announced an integration with Google Pay that's now being trialed in Austin, Texas. Users will be able to find a link to the Google-branded payment site right from the Google Maps app.

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Google Trends introduces portal for tracking US election search topics

For better or worse, search engines are how most people research information, so Google has been one of the primary ways people are informing themselves ahead of the United States presidential election. Google Trends already allows anyone to see what the most popular web searches are at any given time, but now Trends has introduced a page specifically for queries related to the election.

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TikTok files suit against Trump administration over US ban

TikTok’s US ban, combined with similar restrictions in India, is seriously affecting the service's ability to reach markets with hundreds of millions of users. As we hear about players like Microsoft or even Oracle showing interest in taking charge of the US side of things, TikTok itself has been gearing up for a fight. Following reports that TikTok was planning to challenge the executive order, the company has now announced its suit against the Trump administration.

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AT&T and Verizon provide free data in wildfire-ravaged California and Colorado

As of Sunday, more than 1.6 million acres across 13 states in the west have been burning in wildfires. The worst of them are located in California and Colorado and those areas are where AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are providing specific responses to their customers.

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Judge lets Lyft and Uber operate in California as fate of drivers left in the hands of voters

Californians are still able to order rides from Lyft and Uber this morning after an eleventh-hour decision by a state appellate court judge allowed the TNCs to continue operating with their drivers as contractors instead of employees. The two companies had announced they would suspend services as of 12:00 a.m. PDT as a result of Assembly Bill No. 5, which has implemented new tests as to how workers are classified.

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Pixel Buds 2 now available in all colors at Google Store

It's taken months for all the colors to fall into place — almost four months, in fact — but the Google Store is now shipping the second-generation Pixel Buds in Just White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black to customers in the United States.

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Pixel 4a pre-orders are already arriving ahead of tomorrow's formal release

After a couple weeks of sitting in wait, the Pixel 4a is making its way to pre-order customers. We've heard from our readers about when they should expect to get their phones, and some are already arriving early, up to two days before Google's formal August 20th launch.

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LG Velvet comes to Verizon for $100 more than everywhere else

We're deep into summer and almost due for a couple of new phones from Samsung and Apple. Perfect time, then, for LG to finally bring around its new Velvet smartphone from overseas to the U.S. market. It came to AT&T late in July and is eventually going to make it to T-Mobile, but we now know exactly when Verizon will bring it to customers.

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