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Sprint will start selling Google's Pixel phones soon

Google's Pixel series of phones have been Verizon exclusives since they launched all the way back in 2016. For years, customers of other US carriers have had to purchase the phones directly unlocked from Google, and that lack of widespread retail presence has likely had a negative impact. However, today we've spotted indications that Sprint will join T-Mobile in selling Google's Pixels.

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[Weekend Poll] US Readers: Who Is Your Wireless Carrier?

I know, US only polls do exclude a lot of our most loyal followers, but today's poll is about taking a head count in a turbulent time for the US wireless industry. Dan Hesse was just ousted as CEO of Sprint, and the carrier's parent company SoftBank has allegedly ended its plans for a takeover-merger of competitor T-Mobile. T-Mobile is also poised to surpass Sprint as America's #3 wireless carrier by postpaid subscribers, with CEO John Legere predicting it will happen before the year is out.

I know that many of our US readers are T-Mobile subscribers. That should come as no surprise, though, because T-Mobile is, frankly, the smart consumer choice right now if you're covered by their increasingly-speedy LTE network.

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