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Chrome tests hiding URLs for Google searches

URLs for Google search results are big, ugly things that contain a lot of information you probably don't need to see most of the time. The team behind Chrome development is looking into remedying that eyesore, though, by showing your search terms in the Omnibox rather than the full URL for the results.

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Google URL shortener shutting down

Google announced today that its URL shortening service,, will be shutting down starting in April. Existing links will still function, but on April 13, users who haven't used the site (or have only used it anonymously) will no longer be able to create short links. Users who have already created links will still be able to do so from the accounts they've previously used up until one year from today—March 30, 2019.

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WhatsApp 2.12.312 Starts Showing Rich Previews For Shared URLs

WhatsApp's developers are a little unpredictable. Sometimes, all it takes them is one swift update to add a ton of features, other times, they dabble painfully slowly with dozens upon dozens of beta releases until they get a small feature ready (Google Drive backup anyone?). But credit goes to them for keeping us on our toes and entertained with their small incremental updates, like this new version for example.

WhatsApp 2.12.312, which you can grab from the site's beta uploads page or from APK Mirror, has added a new rich link preview option. However, the feature is still very half-baked, so don't expect anything like Telegram's previews just yet.

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