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How YouTube Music uploads differ from Play Music: Everything you need to know

As the Play Music library migration tool rolls out more widely in the past week, more and more people are discovering the limitations and pitfalls of uploaded songs on YouTube Music. While some are obvious—like YouTube Music sequestering away uploaded songs in an entirely separate area—there are others you may only encounter with time. While the feature has been live for months now, many people are only encountering YouTube Music's uploaded library feature in the past few days, and what you find may not exactly thrill you. Here's everything you need to know about the drawbacks (and, occasionally, benefits) of YouTube Music's cloud music storage feature.

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Chrome 85 will make drag and drop uploads much less frustrating

Anyone who has ever used a web browser on a desktop OS has probably come across this at some point: You want to drag and drop an image or another file onto a website to upload it, only to realize too late that the site doesn't support uploading that way — instead, the website gives way to a preview of the file you just let go of. In a worst-case scenario, you might even find all the forms you've filled in cleared. Thanks to Microsoft Edge developer Eric Lawrence, this will soon be a thing of the past: Starting with Chrome 85, a file you accidentally drop onto unsupported websites will open in a new tab instead.

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YouTube Music's upload functionality is rolling out more widely (Updated)

When Google first introduced YouTube Music, it promised to port over all Play Music features to it. The execution has been excruciatingly slow, but it looks like we're getting there. Google seems to be in the final stages of preparing upload functionality for YouTube Music, as a support page has popped up that explains how you can add your own files to the streaming service. The feature doesn't seem to be live for anyone yet, though.

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[Update: Coming to smart displays] Google Photos Live Albums automatically upload your best photos to your Home Hub

One of the features people love most about Google Photos is the automatic backup of pictures and videos. The Home Hub brings that to the next level with Google Photos Live Albums, which automatically upload your photos to your Home Hub to show you a constantly-changing slideshow.

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Google Photos 3.6 makes video sharing way faster

When your bandwidth doesn't oblige, sharing videos via Google Photos can be a bit frustrating. Videos are, well, large. And uploading large files can take a while, especially if you're in a congested area, on a throttled connection, or traveling. But now Google Photos has cut down the wait by uploading low-resolution copies for sharing first. And don't worry, your friends won't be stuck with blurry potatoes, those videos are later replaced with high-quality versions. 

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[Update: More info, and a fix inbound] Mystery: Some Nexus Players on Android 8.0 Oreo are uploading hundreds of gigabytes of data and crashing your network

If you've migrated your Nexus Player onto Android O, and you've noticed networking problems or sudden data cap issues, you're not alone. Some people, including our own Artem, have found that their Nexus Players are going a bit crazy, uploading hundreds of gigabytes of data for no apparent reason.

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ML Manager can now upload APKs straight to APKMirror [APK Download]

You may recall us covering ML Manager, an incredibly easy to use APK extractor tool, earlier this month. APK extractor tools can be very useful, from simply backing up applications (perhaps ones removed from the Play Store) to uploading them to APKMirror. But for the latter, opening the site in a web browser and navigating to the upload page was still required.

Thankfully, the developer behind ML Manager has updated the app to support directly uploading to APKMirror. For you awesome people out there who frequently upload the latest versions of apps to the site, this should be a welcome addition.

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Google Photos adds new backup option for spotty cellular connections

At today's Google for Brazil event in São Paulo, the company introduced several new features for its products - such as audio calling in Duo. Another announcement involves new backup options for Google Photos, designed to make backing up on poor connections less tedious.

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Instagram now allows up to 10 photos and videos in one post

Earlier this month, Instagram began testing the ability to add a combination of videos and photos to a single post, up to 10 altogether. The feature was very broken at the time, but Instagram has worked out all the bugs since then. Starting today, the feature will roll out to all Android and iOS users.

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Google Drive v2.4 Adds Inline Uploads And User-Selectable Colored Folders, May Soon Add Various Smart Recommendations And More [APK Teardown + Download]

While Google has been pushing out a ton of OS and app updates, the Drive team got out one of its own. This is a perfectly good update on its own, but it also includes clues to some upcoming features, too. In this update, you'll find a newly revised look and operation for uploading files, and there's even a color picker for folders. (Yey!) On the teardown side, we can look forward to recommendations for files, a shortcut to "Team Drives," and possibly even another form of device backup. Oh yeah, and the FAB changes color.

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