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Samsung wins update lawsuit in the Netherlands, won't be required to provide four-year update periods for its phones

It's been a long time in the making, but the lawsuit by non-profit consumer group Consumentenbond against Samsung in the Netherlands has finally ended. The Dutch court has ruled in Samsung's favor, saying that the Consumentenbond's claims could not be enforced due to potentially unforeseen circumstances.

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[Update: It's optional] Twitter now uses its own emoji on Android

Twitter's Android app looks a little different for many today: the platform now uses its own "Twemoji" emoji set rather than system emoji. The update will have the most effect for users on older Android versions, which lack some newer emoji.

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Adobe Photoshop Express adds automatic perspective correction, vignette effects, and more

Adobe Photoshop Express has added a handful of useful new features. In an update this week, the mobile photo editor got the ability to automatically adjust the perspective of wonky photos with a single tap, as well as a vignette slider and a couple of quality-of-life improvements.

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Google News overhaul to bring more video content, quicker load times

It looks like Google's got a new direction in mind for its News platform. Sources tell Ad Age that the service is set for an overhaul that will incorporate more videos, functionality similar to that of Google Play Newsstand, and behind-the-scenes changes to make articles load faster. The changes will affect the Google News website on desktop and mobile, as well as introduce an updated app.

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Microsoft Translator gets AI-powered offline language packs

Microsoft announced today that its Translator app now supports offline, artificial intelligence-powered translation in a handful of languages with what the company says is "the world's first Deep Neural Network-powered offline translation engine." The AI packs are considerably smaller than traditional language packs, and they should provide higher quality translations, too.

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[Update: New, clearer screenshots] Gmail is getting a new web UI with snooze, smart replies, and more in Early Adopter Program

According to an email being sent to G Suite administrators, an Early Adopter Program will be available to Gmail users "in the coming weeks" that introduces a "fresh, clean look" for the service's web interface. The program is also set to bring new features like the ability to "snooze" emails to reappear in your inbox later, the way you can in Gmail's more experimental email client, Inbox.

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LG promises faster updates with new Software Upgrade Center

Timely software updates are all the rage these days. From security and stability to new features, there's always a marketable reason to prefer a rapid upgrade cycle. Plenty of OEMs like Samsung and LG have committed to frequent updates, and now the latter company is stepping things up, reiterating its commitment to consumers with a new "Software Upgrade Center" office in South Korea. 

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Google Tasks might be getting an overhaul

Google Tasks, the long-neglected to-do list function buried in Gmail, might be getting a fresh face. A tipster tells us Google has uploaded new Tasks-related assets and set up new URLs for the service.

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Dutch case against Samsung for lack of updates finally heads to court

Early in 2016, it was revealed that Samsung was being sued in the Netherlands for failing to update its phones. The Consumentenbond—a Dutch non-profit promoting consumer protection—was taking Samsung to court for, among other things, not adequately providing two years of updates from the time of purchase. According to Telecompaper, the case is now being heard. 

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SHIELD TV gets new Assistant capabilities, including broadcasting and security camera streaming

Since the Nvidia SHIELD TV added Google Assistant support last year, it's been slowly catching up with other Assistant-enabled devices by adding new functionality. It looks like a couple more capabilities are now available. At least we think so, as Assistant features across different devices are so inconsistent that it's sometimes hard to tell what's new and what's not.

According to Nvidia, broadcasting messages and the ability to summon your security camera stream on your TV via the Assistant are both new additions. Apparently, if you tell the Assistant on the SHIELD TV to "broadcast that it’s time to watch TV," it will relay the messages to Google Home devices around the house.

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