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LG Stylo 5 finally receives Android 10 on Verizon

LG's Stylo 5 launched almost a year ago with Android Pie. When we reviewed it, we noted the device had good design and amazing battery life, but its prospects for software updates were unclear due to LG's history. While the future's still far from certain, we're happy to see that LG is finally getting around to giving the phone a major refresh, with the company starting to turn the Stylo 5's Android 10 update loose on the wild.

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Latest OxygenOS Open Betas for OnePlus 7 and 7T lineups bring some new gaming-related features

OnePlus is on its 18th OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, and this update primarily focuses on improving the gaming experience. It does come with a few other fixes and minor additions, as well as the latest September security patch.

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OnePlus explains why OnePlus 5 and 5T updates have been delayed

When the OnePlus 5 had 4K electronic image stabilization (EIS) added shortly after launch back in 2017, we were pretty amazed with the results. Unfortunately, OnePlus disabled EIS for the OP5 and OP5T back in May due to a bug. Four months later, OnePlus is clarifying why exactly owners are stuck with shaky video and a dated security patch.

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AT&T's Galaxy Tab S5e finally gets Android 10 update

Samsung is getting better with updates in general, but that doesn't seem to apply to carrier variants of its mid-range tablets. AT&T has just pushed the Android 10 update to the Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T727A), months after it started rolling out to models in other regions.

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LG Stylo 5+ gets Android 10 update on AT&T, just in time for Android 11

Now that Android 11 has been released, we've reached the part of the update cycle where news about another phone receiving Android 10 is met more with rolling eyes than thunderous applause. Late system updates are still better than no system updates, though, and Android 10 is now rolling out to AT&T's version of the Stylo 5+.

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Firefox 81 brings back more features from older codebase, still doesn't support all extensions (APK Download)

Mozilla rolled out the rewritten version of Firefox for Android last month, following over a year of development and various Firefox Preview releases. The update faced some criticism due to interface changes and a lack of support for most third-party extensions, but Mozilla has already pushed one update attempting to improve the new Firefox, and now yet another update is about to roll out.

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Chrome OS 85 significantly improves the handwriting keyboard for some Chromebooks

It's no secret that Google loves to add powerful AI into its software whenever it can. The next generation Google Assistant demoed at Google I/O in 2019 is an excellent example of how capable Google's AI can be, and it continuously blows my mind how quick and snappy voice processing is as a result. Google is now using its powerful AI to improve the handwriting experience on Chrome OS.

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Samsung adds Galaxy Note20, Fold2, and Tab S7 to its security update schedule

Updates used to be a sore talking point for Samsung, but that's no longer the case. The company recently committed to OS updates for three device generations, and it's been shooting out updates for its latest phones left and right. In the same vein, Samsung has just added some of its latest devices, including the Note20, Fold2, and Tab S7, to its security update schedule.

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OnePlus Nord receives Oxygen OS 10.5.7 with display calibration fixes and power consumption improvements

OnePlus only launched the Nord last month, but it's already pushing out one update after the other, mostly focused on improving the camera and battery life. That's not too different with the latest Oxygen OS release to hit the midrange phone, bearing version number 10.5.7.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 series start receiving One UI 2.5 update

The One UI 2.5 software made its debut a couple of weeks ago alongside the Galaxy Note20, Z Flip 5G, and Tab S7 lineup. It's already made its way to the Galaxy S20, and now it's the older Galaxy S10's turn. The unlocked model in Germany is up first, and it includes a ton of new stuff.

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