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Google Assistant is the new home for Now's old contextual cards

Long ago, before Google Now turned into the Feed, Google used to provide you with an easily accessible summary of custom tailored, account-scraped stuff, useful for keeping track of various deadlines or ongoing details. In that transition to Feed, though, the information was relegated to a new "Upcoming" tab in the Google app, and the personal overview started to stagnate a bit. Well, Google's bringing it all back better than ever via the Assistant. 

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Google Assistant's personal overview page is going live for some users

In its everlasting quest to get information that matters to you, Google announced at I/O 2018 a new Assistant experience that would consolidate the stuff you care about most in a central Feed-like overview page. With a vague launch time of "this summer," we didn't have any exact timeline for the feature's launch, but just as the calendar flipped over to "summer" officially, we received one tip of the new interface going live for a reader.

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[Update: Rolling to more users] Google is testing a new three tab interface for the Google app

If you're one of those who has yet to even see the two-tab interface, you'll be surprised to hear that Google is already testing out a third tab. Reports indicate that the new button performs a search. The tab might be a bit redundant, given the search bar already present at the top of the page, but perhaps scrolling to the top was a bit too inconvenient for some.

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What ever happened to Google's dual-tab "Feed and Upcoming" update?

Last year Google announced an update to the Google app that would bring an additional tab to Google Now. The new interface was meant to separate general items in your feed from more personal data, by partitioning the latter into a new "Upcoming" section. Well, it's been six months since it was announced, and it seems as if almost no one has the feature.

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The Google app's dual-tab 'Upcoming' UI is now official, rolling out to all Android users

For months a small subset of Android users have been seeing a new dual-tabbed interface in the official Google search app's UI. The second tab, initially labelled "Dashboard" and then changed to an icon-only "Upcoming," is now official. Google announced the big change on its Keyword search blog, revealing that the feature should roll out to all Android users starting now, with the iOS version of the Search app following suit later.

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Google Maps v9.38 adds a dedicated album for food photos and an upcoming events tab for your places [APK Download]

Google set loose a new beta release of Maps, taking it up to v9.38. This release doesn't seem to have quite as many huge features as some of the last few, but there are still a couple of cool additions. There's a new tab with a list of upcoming events, bookings, and reservations. The dedicated album for food photos from a recent teardown is now also live. There are almost always a few other hidden gems in each release, so keep an eye out for more changes and let us know if you see anything else.

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Samsung's 18.4" Galaxy View Tablet Pops Up On Adorama And B&H Priced At $599

Samsung appears to have a tablet in the works that is large enough to serve as a dinner plate and a coaster at the same time. At 18.4-inches, the Galaxy View is so big that leaked photos show an attachable handle for you to hold like a suitcase.

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Nuance Announces Dragon Anywhere, Professional Voice Dictation For Mobile Devices Coming This Fall

Typing on a mobile device sucks. Various third-party keyboards have come up with various ways to get around this issue. With Dragon Anywhere, developer Nuance is bringing an entirely different approach to Android. You will simply dictate using your voice, and with any luck, it will actually work as expected.

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Pre-Order 'This War Of Mine' For Android And Get PC Version Instantly, Plus 15% Goes To Charity

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes things just happen. This unpredictability and grim reality forms the premise behind This War of Mine, a PC game from developer 11 Bit Studios that is on its way to Android.


This War of Mine grapples with the struggles of surviving in a city that's held under siege. You don't pick up firearms and shoot your way out the way most video games would have you confront the issue. You must find food and shelter while staying safe and maintaining the will to continue.

This change of focus results in a strategy game that presents you with truly difficult choices.

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Telltale Games Announces The Walking Dead: Michonne, Its Next Adventure Game Mini-Series Coming This Fall

Unveiled this morning at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, The Walking Dead: Michonne will soon be the latest mini-series from Telltale Games.

Just in case the name doesn't give it away, this set of titles will center around Michonne, a character from the The Walking Dead comic book. The timeline stems from issues #126 through #139.


Anyone familiar with Telltale will know how the tale is told. These licensed adventure games tend to get broken up into series and episodes. Game of Thrones, for example, is four releases into a six-episode arc. Telltale plans to trace the plot of The Walking Dead: Michonne over the course of three episodes.

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