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The 'Until Next Alarm' Bug In Do Not Disturb Mode Returns, Will Probably Be There Until Google Patches It

Well this is frustrating. The bug that caused the "Until Next Alarm" function of Android's Do Not Disturb mode to disappear, which manifested itself in late December on a number of Android phones running Lollipop 5.1 and later, is back. The timing of the month seems more than coincidental. Since the problem manifested late in December, presumably Google didn't have time to implement a fix in the latest round of scheduled Android updates.

It looks like this will keep occurring at the tail end of the month until Google fixes it - hopefully in the latest round of Nexus updates.

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The 'Until Next Alarm' Feature In Do Not Disturb Mode Is Weirdly Disappearing From Android Devices

What the hell? After many users were happy to see the "until next alarm" option return to Android's somewhat nebulous "Do Not Disturb" mode after upgrading to the cutting-edge 6.0.1 build of Marshmallow, several have now reported that the feature is once again gone. What's going on here?

Android Police readers have alerted us to the odd change, and Android users on Reddit are also scratching their heads.

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Android 6.0.1 Brings Back The "Until Next Alarm" Option For Do Not Disturb Mode

When Google released the first Android M preview images shortly after Google I/O, one of the bigger changes was a reworking of the priority interruptions system that was part of Lollipop. It went back to being called Do Not Disturb mode again in M, but one of the handier features of the system was tossed: the ability to mute notifications until your next scheduled alarm.

This feature is, obviously, convenient for a variety of reasons. Many of us are forgetful (e.g., me) and don't always want to rely on Android's downtime rules to determine when we do or don't want to hear notifications.

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