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Stadia gets Ubisoft's just-announced Uplay+ subscription

You can say what you want about Google Stadia – the company has the chance to disrupt the gaming industry and make video games more affordable for everyone. And the stars point towards a good launch as a surprisingly large number of AAA game developers jumped on the bandwagon and announced that they're supporting the platform. Now, Google has stated that it's also bringing Ubisoft's brand-new $14.99 subscription service Uplay+ to Stadia in 2020.

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[Draw 4!] Gameloft Releases Uno & Friends To The Play Store

I have many fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table with my family and playing Uno as a child. The thrill of getting down to one or two cards, hoping that no one throws down a Reverse, Draw Four, or changes the color is still one that I readily recall (and miss). Alas, life goes on, people get older and move away, and before you know it, those simple games of Uno are nothing but a memory of something that you had no idea you'd miss so much.

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Today, however, Gameloft has taken Uno digital and social with Uno & Friends, allowing players to connect for a friendly game regardless of where they are.

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[Deal Alert] Gameloft Offering 6 Games For $0.99 Each In The Amazon Appstore, Most For The Kindle Fire

Owners of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet have a great chance to expand their gaming portfolio right now thanks to Gameloft. One of the most popular game developers for Android is offering a handful of games for just $0.99 in the Amazon Appstore, most of them special Kindle Fire editions.


Among the discounted titles are Order & Chaos, Block Breaker 3 Unlimited, UNO, and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. Those who don't own a Kindle Fire can still get Hero of Sparta HD or Shadow Guardian HD at a deeply discounted price. There's no word on how long these prices will last, so grab a game or two while you can here!

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Gameloft Offering Order And Chaos And Backstab HD For Just $0.99 Each (Regularly $6.99)

As part of a special Halloween promotion, Gameloft is offering two of its premium titles (as well as Uno) on the Android Market for a paltry $0.99 each for a "limited time." We assume this means until Halloween, but Gameloft's app descriptions don't specify.

Order And Chaos is the largest (and really only) MMORPG on Android, and with your $0.99 purchase you'll receive a free 3 month game subscription, after which you'll have to pay a monthly fee to continue accessing the game. Order And Chaos recently suffered a security breach, compromising numerous players' accounts, and the sale may be an attempt to mitigate some of the fallout from that gaff.

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