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Hands on with FilterBox: a comprehensive notification manager app

If you feel like you've spent way too much time swiping on notifications rather than other things, there are some actions you can take to get a better handle on them — sorting apps into different notification channels and occasionally checking on your system's notification log are just a couple. But if you feel like you need a full-on notification manager app, there are quite a few options for you. One of the newest ones is FilterBox, an app from Catching Now, the Chinese developer of clipboard manager Clip Stack.

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Unnotification 2.0 expands device compatibility, notification indexing, and more

Unnotification, the intelligent notification management app that lets you see previously closed notifications, has received an official 2.0 upgrade! Unlike the first iteration, this version supports devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up. Alongside wider device compatibility, Unnotification 2.0 brings a handful of welcome additions.

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[Hands-on] Unnotification brings back your last dismissed notification

Android has a native way to see a log of the notifications you receive, but it's quite hidden from most eyes. To access it, you need to add a widget, choose Settings among the list of widgets, and then Notification log. It helps you see a notification you may have dismissed by mistake and, more recently, I've used it to figure out which notification channel something was coming from after dismissing it and thinking that I don't need that particular type of notification or I want to lower its priority.

But if you don't want to mess with the notification log, there's an app you can install to bring back the last dismissed notification, kind of like an undo button, and it's simply called Unnotification.

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