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[Deal Alert] The Moto G4 Play is $100 again at B&H with promo code ($50 off)

We're fast approaching MWC with some of the major highlights of the event, like the Moto G5, seeing some serious leaks. Like I mentioned yesterday, good phones from last year should not be discounted simply because they're a year old. Such is the case with this returning deal here. The Moto G4 Play is available for $99.99 from B&H with a promo code, a total savings of $50.

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[Update: Moto Mod bundle deals] Deal Alert: Get a 64GB Moto Z with a bunch of extras for just $449.99 from B&H ($250 off)

The tech market is getting competitive these days, and smartphone manufacturers that aren't named Apple or Samsung must price their products aggressively to survive. Motorola didn't seem to get that memo when it launched the unlocked Moto Z with an MSRP of $699.99, but with this latest discount, it appears that the company has seen the light. For a limited time, B&H is offering the Moto Z in unlocked guise with a bunch of freebies for just $449.99 - that's $250 off retail, for those of you who aren't math people.

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[Update: Full rollout on February 14] Android 7.0 Nougat starting rollout on unlocked Moto Z

Under Google's leadership, Motorola was perhaps the best manufacturer when it came to Android updates - besides Google, of course. They often released Android updates for unlocked devices at the same time as, or shortly after, Nexus devices. Unfortunately updates don't seem to be much of a priority anymore, with Lenovo now at the helm.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a Moto G4 Play unlocked for $100 on B&H ($50 off)

The deals just keep coming in. This one is for the unlocked Moto G4 Play, a respectable little device. Usually clocking in at $150, B&H has it for $100 which is a nice 30% off. This covers both the black and white colors, but the latter is currently listed as "More Coming Soon."

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[Deal Alert] Save up to $250 on unlocked, carrier, and dual SIM models of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

If you closely follow smartphone deals, you know that the US unlocked models of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge don't often go on sale. However, for Black Friday, several retailers are handing some pretty nice discounts and freebies out for them. We're also seeing some discounts on American carrier and international dual SIM models.

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[Update: free battery, charging cradle, and CAM Plus] Deal Alert: Get an unlocked LG G5 for just $399.99 from Amazon and Newegg ($250 off)

The LG G5 is one of the odder phones that came out in 2016; its "Friends" module integration was a complete failure, its build quality is lackluster, and it hasn't sold particularly well. It's obviously not the best smartphone on the market, but it's still a pretty decent one - one that you can now pick up in an unlocked variation for just $399.99 from Amazon.

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The unlocked Moto Z Play launches today for $449.99

There are three members of the Motorola Moto Z family, and the cheapest one is undeniably the best overall device. The Moto Z Play launched first as a Verizon exclusive, and now it's available as an unlocked phone with full support for AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM networks.

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SafetyNet API fails on some Android phones with unlocked bootloaders, Android Pay affected

The SafetyNet API is the bane of root and custom ROM users everywhere. For those unfamiliar, it is part of the Google Play Services API that is designed to detect modified devices. If your system is tampered with in any way, be it rooted or a custom ROM, the SafetyNet check will fail. Android Pay, among other applications, uses this API and will fail to run if SafetyNet fails.

Reports are coming in from Reddit and our own tip box that SafetyNet appears to fail on some bootloader-unlocked devices, even if the device has not been modified in any other way. Devices confirmed to have issues include the Nexus 6P, OnePlus 3, and Nexus 6.

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The unlocked Moto Z is now available for $699.99 from Motorola, Amazon, and B&H

Motorola granted Verizon the exclusive on the Moto Z family of devices over the summer, but now you can finally pick up a Moto Z that's fully unlocked and compatible with GSM networks. Not that I necessarily think you should—the unlocked Moto Z is priced at $700, and that's without any Moto Mods. You can do it, though.

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Confirmed: the Verizon Pixel's bootloader will not be unlockable

Thought that Verizon was warming up to the idea of less carrier intrusion because there aren't any obnoxious Verizon logos on the device? Well, you thought wrong. Just minutes before the event, @evleaks tweeted that the Verizon Pixels' bootloaders would not be able to be unlocked; that information has now been affirmed by a Google representative at the San Francisco event.

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