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[Deal Alert] Get $350 off Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Note8, S8, and S8+ over 24 months at Best Buy

Samsung's three flagships, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note8, are fantastic phones. Unfortunately, they're also pricey, with some variants of the Note8 going over the scary thousand-dollar mark with taxes. If you're on Sprint or Verizon and you're in search of a new phone, Best Buy's latest $350 discount (over 24 months) on these devices may just be what you need.

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Bootloader unlocking appears to be disabled on some Pixel 2 phones purchased from Google [Update: Fixed]

Many people, like myself, look at Google's phones for one specific reason: they have an easily unlocked bootloader. That means when software support runs dry, or you get the itch to root/ROM, you can modify things without having to compound any potential security concerns with additional issues like exploits or undocumented software. If that's your motivation too, this news could be a small concern. Some Pixel 2s purchased directly from Google seem to have locked-down bootloaders. 

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Unlocked LG V30 is now up for pre-order at B&H for $829.99

The LG V30 is already available at a number of carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. But if you prefer to purchase your phones unlocked for whatever reason, you were out of luck - until now, that is. The unlocked V30 is now up for pre-order at B&H for a not-insignificant $829.99.

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[Deal Alert] Get an unlocked AT&T LG V20 for just $289.99 on eBay with $50 off coupon

The V20 is no longer the most current V-series phone from LG, but it's still a great phone. And the fact that the V30 is out only means that there are more discounts for the older model. Case in point: an eBay seller is offering up unlocked AT&T V20s up for just $289.99 with a $50 discount.

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[Update: Stay away] Deal alert: Unlocked T-Mobile LG G5 (H830T) is just $199.99 on eBay

When it was announced, the LG G5 got a lot of hate for its - let's face it - ugly design and poor build quality. But those things, which are easily alleviated by a case, overshadowed a lot of the G5's good qualities. While its exterior downfalls made its $600-700 MSRP a little ambitious, the story changes when the phone is just a fraction of that price. And with this T-Mobile/unlocked model's $199.99 sale price, the G5 is definitely worth a look.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG V20 on sale for $302.52 at Walmart

You'll be able to pick up an LG V30 later this month, but it's guaranteed to cost a whole lot more than the V20 that's on sale at Walmart right now. This phone is unlocked and discounted to $302.52, which is the lowest we've seen for this model.

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[Update: Amazon too] Deal Alert: Unlocked LG G6 is just $449.99 ($250 off) at B&H

All phones drop in price as they become older and newer competitors come onto the scene. The LG G6 is only six months old, but with fierce rivalry from the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the brand new V30, it's been seeing some major discounts lately. This latest one by B&H brings the price down to just $449.99, a full $250 off its MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Get an unlocked LG G6 for just $469.99 ($230 off) on Amazon and B&H

Despite being a very good phone, the LG G6 has been steadily dropping in price ever since its release. With the release of the V30, the phone has hit one of the lowest prices we've ever seen in US unlocked guise: $469.99. That's a full $30 less than the next best US unlocked G6 deal we've posted.

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Essential PH-1 shows up at Best Buy in unlocked and Sprint guises for $699.99 and $749.99, respectively

Andy Rubin's Essential hasn't had the greatest start, what with executives jumping ship and shipments being delayed so early on, but things may finally be looking up. The startup's flagship product, the PH-1 smartphone, has just hit Best Buy's website with listings for both the Sprint and unlocked models.

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[Update: Best Buy, Amazon, and too] Deal Alert: Get a US unlocked Galaxy S8 for just $575 and an S8+ for $650 on eBay

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are some of the best phones on the market, with their main downside being that their MSRPs are a little too high. Not to worry, though - the US unlocked models of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have now dropped to $574.99 and $649.99, respectively, on Samsung's own eBay storefront. That's $25 lower than we've previously seen for the S8 and $50 lower for the S8+.

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