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The very best deals on unlocked smartphones for Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, and with it, a sea of deals on smartphones. We'll cut right to the best ones you can grab, with a full list of all the deals we've found so far below.

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[Deal Alert] Forget The LG G5, My Bargain-Loving Readers, You Can Buy A New Unlocked G4 For Just $289.99

The LG G5 has some cool stuff going on with it. It has those swappable battery packs that lend the phone new powers, a powerful processor, QC 3.0 with a USB Type C plug, dual rear cameras, and a host of funky accessories. The one thing it doesn't have is a compelling price tag (it's also dog-ugly IMO). I'll tell you what does have a great price though, the unlocked LG G4 that's on sale right now on eBay for a paltry $289.99. That's less than half the price of the G5 for those of you keeping score.

If value is the most important factor in your phone-buying decision, then it's hard to find many more enticing options than the G4.

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[Deal Alert] Metal-Clad Huawei GX8 On Sale For $300 ($50 Off) With Bonus $50 Gift Card At Newegg


Last month Huawei launched the GX8 in America with a $350 price tag. With upper-mid tier specs, a fingerprint reader, and an all metal body that's not a bad price for what you are getting. Unfortunately for Huawei, there are a LOT of really good phones in the $300 dollar range and at $350 it's kinda hard to recommend it, especially considering the phone is currently running Android 5.1.

Fortunately, the price on the GX8 just dropped on Newegg by $50 to $300. On top of that, Newegg is throwing in a $50 gift card to sweeten the deal, dropping the effective price to $250.

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[The Other Nexus Deal Alert] White Nexus 5X 32GB On Sale For $299 After $100 Off With Discount + Coupon Code

Oh man. It's you again. So, you didn't like that Nexus 6P deal I just posted. Too big? Too expensive? Too metal? Well, I've got another deal for you that should make you happy. This time it's on the Nexus 5X, and it's only the best price I've ever seen on the 32GB model (that is, without signing up for Project Fi).

B&H has the White Nexus 5X on sale for $349.99 with an extra $50 off with coupon code BHNEXUS5X. That drops the price to a mere $299.99. Before you ask, no, the code doesn't work with the 16GB model, or with the other colors of the 32GB model.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920C With Band 12 Support Just $550 On eBay

If you want a top end phablet with a stylus, you can't find one with better specs than the Galaxy Note 5. You also can't find it cheaper anywhere than you can on eBay right now. The N920C unlocked international version is on sale for $550, over $200 less than the asking price at T-Mobile and AT&T.

This version of the device has very broad GSM band support. The antenna is compatible with all the following frequencies.

  • 2G Network: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G Network: 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
  • 4G Network: LTE 2100 (B1), 1900 (B2), 1800 (B3), AWS (B4), 850 (B5), 2600 (B7), 900 (B8), 700 (B12), 700 (B17), 800 (B18), 800 (B19), 800 (B20), 800 (B26)

The seller will ship the device for free anywhere in the US.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked LG G4 (H815) Continues To Drop In Price, Available Now For $380 On eBay

As if deciding which Nexus device to purchase wasn't hard enough, there are also several other killer Android flagships that are getting cheaper by the day, begging consideration. One of the best of this group is the LG G4. Just a month ago it was available for $400, a great price, and now you can pick one up on eBay even cheaper at just $380.


The model in question is the H815 variant, which works or most of AT&T's bands and should also be good for use on T-Mobile, if you are OK with not having access to band 12 (also remember that HSPA+ will only work in areas with 1900Mhz towers).

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[Deal Alert] Holy Crap - eBay Has New, Unlocked Galaxy S6 G920i For Just $430 (US Only)

Man, the Galaxy S6 may not have the sex appeal of its more expensive brother the S6 Edge, but what it lacks in looks it is certainly making up for in value. Currently, you can buy an unlocked 32GB S6 in black, white, or gold for just $430 at Monoprice's store on eBay. This beats the previous best price we've seen by a not insignificant $40.

This is the G920i model, which is the standard international version. It should play nice with most GSM carriers bands, but you can check the full list of supported frequencies on the product page.

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[Deal Alert] Buy A Brand Spanking New Unlocked AT&T LG G Flex 2 On eBay For $250 ($40 Less Than It Was Last Time)

Pretty good, fairly decent, and not bad are all phrases that can be used to describe the LG G Flex 2. The younger, more curvaceous cousin of the LG G3 has respectable specs and a body curved like a banana that you either think is awesome or pointless and stupid. Speaking of stupid, the price when it launched was an insane $709 on AT$T (that ain't no typo) and apparently everyone agreed that price was obscene because they keep popping up brand new on ebay for a whole lot less.

This time you can pick one up for $250. It's the silver 32GB model with a 13MP camera, a 5.5 inch 1080x1920 display, and a Snapdragon 810 processor (I told you it was a hot deal).

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Offers The BLU Studio 6.0 HD Phablet For $130 ($60 Off)

Do you need a great unlocked phone for under $200? Do you want one that's bigger than the ones Motorola offers in that price range? Then you'd be hard-pressed to find a better candidate than the BLU Studio 6.0 HD. While the phone's specs are decidedly low-end, the $189 retail price makes it an awesome deal for those who are cash strapped, or heck, just those who don't want to spend $600 or more on a Galaxy Note. Amazon's Gold Box daily deal portal has sliced that price even more, offering the Studio 6.0 for a ridiculous $129.99.


The Studio 6.0 offers a 6-inch screen with a humble 1280x720 resolution, a 1.3Ghz MediaTek quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage plus a MicroSD card slot, and an 8 megapixel rear camera.

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[Deal Alert] GSM Unlocked LG G3 (Model D855) Is $479.99 On eBay, Free Shipping And No Tax Outside Missouri

Update: Various commenters and tipsters tell us that the D855 model isn't working on AT&T's LTE network, despite the technical support for the 700Mhz frequency. It's either a band incompatibility or a software lockout. So AT&T users, skip this deal unless you're OK with no LTE support at all.


LG's G3 is among the best Android phones available at the moment, though whether it stands above the rest is a topic for heated comment section debate. If you're in the market for an unlocked high-end phone, you could do a lot worse than the GSM unlocked G3 currently on sale at eBay.

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