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Google Fi gets unlimited plan, Pixel 3 and 3 XL are 50% off for a limited time

Google Fi made a name for itself because of its transparent pricing. A base fee for unlimited calls and text messages plus pay-as-you-use data, with costs capped at a certain threshold to keep you from breaking the bank. Still, people in need of a lot of data might prefer fixed costs for budgeting reasons, and they'll be pleased to learn that Google now offers a $70 unlimited data plan for a single line.

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Verizon makes its most expensive unlimited plan cheaper, makes the rest way more confusing

I don't live in the US, but even I know not to take the word "unlimited" in carriers' mobile plans literally. Verizon, specifically, has been one of the biggest aggressors to the word's definition, stretching its meaning over the years. Now, it's supposedly introducing four new unlimited plans, though nothing substantial is changing compared to the current ones and you're still going to be very limited to 720p streaming, even if you have the biggest plan with 75GB of 4G LTE data.

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'Bill Protection' is Project Fi's answer to unlimited data plans

Project Fi was a great deal when it was first introduced, minus the fact that the only compatible phone was the Nexus 6. Now that carriers are re-introducing 'unlimited' plans, Project Fi's $10/GB pricing tier isn't quite as appealing as it once was. Fi has now introduced its own version of an unlimited plan, called 'Bill Protection.'

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Sprint's unlimited plan now includes Hulu

Instead of reducing prices, carriers have decided that bundling streaming services is the best way to sell unlimited data plans. T-Mobile recently started offering free Netflix access to ONE customers with two or more lines, and now Sprint has followed suit by adding Hulu access to its unlimited plan.

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MetroPCS is now offering 2 lines with unlimited 4G LTE for $75

MetroPCS isn't seriously considered by many because of its reputation as a second-tier, prepaid carrier, but it's now offering some pretty enticing deals on its unlimited plans. Two lines with unlimited LTE for $75 is a pretty good deal, and the T-Mobile subsidiary has decent pricing on other plans as well.

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Cricket Wireless introduces Stream More forced standard def video, will start throttling Unlimited plans after 22GB

Cricket giveth and Cricket taketh away. It was only a month away that it increased data allotments on its plans, and now the wireless MVNO is following in the footsteps of the bigger networks with a few announcements, which in this case, might be a little to the detriment of its customers.

First, Cricket is introducing its own version of T-Mo's Binge On, called Stream More. It will stream all HD video at standard definition and will start rolling automatically to users over the next months. Users will be notified with an SMS when it's activated for them and they can disable and enable it through their Cricket account.

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