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You have until August 31 2016 to switch to a new plan if you're abusing Verizon's unlimited data (>100GB/month)

Hey there, you lucky Verizon customer who has been clinging on to your unlimited data plan and thinking you can keep it indefinitely, despite the $20 price hike and despite Verizon's short-lived attempts to throttle your speeds. You know who you are. You know that you've been milking every gee-bee out of that "unlimited" plan, tempting fate a little bit more each time to see if there's really no limit there. Verizon is calling in to let you know that your luck is about to run out.

The carrier, who has been trying its absolute best to kick users off its unlimited data plans (which it hasn't officially offered since around 2011), is issuing a new policy to completely disconnect its worst offenders.

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T-Mobile summer promotion gives customers free unlimited LTE in Europe, plus an hour of free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi for everyone this weekend

Free pizza Tuesdays might have been a bust, but T-Mobile is still looking for ways to win customers with outspoken promotions. The latest one is "unleashing summer travel," so long as those travel plans include continental Europe. Anyone who subscribes to a Simple Choice plan will get free, unlimited LTE data when travelling to Europe between July 1st and August 31st. And yes, that includes the United Kingdom, whatever the outcome of today's vote might be.

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T-Mobile Announces New Family Match Plans, Including 4 Lines Of Unlimited Data For $150

T-Mobile continues to offer steep discounts to get people in the door, and today that means new discounts on the carrier's Family Match promo. These deals were originally launched about two months ago, and now T-Mobile is lowering the per-line cost and bringing back the free fourth line on Family Match.

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AT&T Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan That Requires DirecTV Or U-Verse

Last month AT&T announced plans to raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan by $5. Starting next month, those customers will pay slightly more than what new subscribers fork over for 2GB of data.

If you're feeling left out, AT&T has an announcement that might make you feel better (but probably worse).

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AT&T Will Raise The Price Of Its Grandfathered Unlimited Plans From $30 To $35 A Month Starting February 2016

Mentioning the words "unlimited" and "AT&T" in the same sentence around the wrong person is bound to draw out a long diatribe of grievances and outrage. I was promised unlimited, not 5GB and a middle finger. AT&T has been throttling existing customers ever since it discontinued unlimited plans in 2010. One thing it hasn't done, however, is raise the price.

Well, you can now check that off the list. AT&T will increase the price from $30 to $35 a month.

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Sprint Will Now Deprioritize Speed For Unlimited Data Subscribers Who Use Over 23GB A Month, But Only While The Network Is Congested

Unlimited always comes with an asterisk. Today Sprint has announced that it will begin deprioritizing customers who use over 23GB a month in a move to maintain a better network for the majority of its users.

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Verizon Will Impose $20 Price Increase On Grandfathered Unlimited Data Subscribers Starting November 15th

Have an unlimited data plan on Verizon? Well, it's about to get more expensive. While the company hasn't actually offered unlimited smartphone data to new customers since around 2011, many subscribers are still "grandfathered" into old unlimited data plans. Verizon has already tried to push such subscribers to the new tiered plans, and being grandfathered now generally necessitates buying your phones off-contract if you want to stay on the gigabyte gravy train.

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Unsurprisingly, AT&T Thinks They Should Not Have To Pay $100 Million FCC Fine For Misleading 'Unlimited' Data Subscribers

AT&T, who prefers to keep as many $100 millions as they can, has strongly suggested to the FCC that the carrier should not be required to pay the $100 million fine levied for throttling users on unlimited data plans. The punishment comes for failing to make it clear to customers that have grandfathered packages that while their service is called "unlimited," they will actually be throttled to 2G speeds once monthly usage exceeds an arbitrary amount that is not disclosed to subscribers.

To sum up AT&T's rebuttal, they say that the FCC is wrong about the current law and wrong about whether AT&T informed their customers about how unlimited data plans work.

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FTC Secures $40 Million Fine Against TracFone (Straight Talk, Net10, And More) For Deceptive Practices Related To 'Unlimited' Data Plans

Mobile carriers like to play fast and loose with the word "unlimited" when it comes to data plans. They're often technically unlimited, but only fast enough to be useful until you hit a certain barrier. MVNOs operated by TracFone including Net10 and Straight Talk were a little more shady than most, and that led to today's FTC announcement of a $40 million fine against the company.


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T-Mobile Brings Unlimited Data To Family Plans, Starting At $100 For Two People

T-Mobile's unlimited talk, text, and data plan is the big carrier option to beat at $80 a month. But so far it's only been available to individual customers - if you have four people and you want four lines of unlimited data, you need four different accounts. Starting tomorrow, December 10th, unlimited data will be available for families as well. The cheapest option is unlimited talk, text, and data on two lines for $100 a month, a $60 savings over the old structure.


Expanding your cell phone family is similarly thrifty, at least in the realm of big bucket data. Each additional line with unlimited everything costs an extra $40, up to ten separate lines.

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