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Verizon to offer unlimited data plans for the first time in over five years

Competition is a wonderful thing. Verizon and the other major US wireless carriers basically abandoned the idea of unlimited mobile data around the time that Android and smartphones in general started surging in the market, finding it was much easier to get money out of customers by shoveling them into tiered service. But since T-Mobile, Sprint, and even AT&T have reintroduced unlimited data in various flavors, customers have danced in their little cotton socks, happily paying a premium for the luxury of not having to think about their data allotments. It seems like someone at Verizon finally got the message: the company will start offering unlimited data plans once again starting tomorrow.

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New customers can get unlimited data, calls, and texts for $50 on Sprint

In the words of Sprint, it's "doubling down" on unlimited. However much everyone now hates that phrase, this is probably good news. Unlimited data, calls, and texts are scarce nowadays, whereas Sprint is charging just $50 a month (for comparison, the 5GB data deal on Verizon is also $50 per month). Pretty good.

The sad news is this deal is only for new customers. Sorry, people already on Sprint - your time will come.

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T-Mobile's next 'Uncarrier' move gets rid of all non-ONE plans, pays back fees and taxes, offers credit for low data users

T-Mobile's allegedly revolutionary ONE Unlimited plan has been met with a lot of skepticism thanks to its oxymoronic limitations on streaming video and tethering, plus new tiers of service that undermine the idea of a "single" data plan for everyone. Even so, CEO John Legere said that the company is "doubling down" on the ONE plan. In his typical bombastic and profanity-laden style, Legere announced that starting January 22nd, T-Mobile will only offer the ONE Unlimited plan to new post-paid customers. That's $70 for talk, text, and "unlimited" data for the first line, $120 for two lines, and $20 for each line after.

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T-Mobile to pay $7.5 million fine and other penalties to the FCC for 'unlimited data' disclosure problems

There's no such thing as real unlimited anymore. T-Mobile's "unlimited data" marketing isn't all that quick to point out that it comes with some built-in limits - specifically, throttling the top three percent of unlimited data users along with more general users who exceeded 17GB a month. The Federal Communications Commission took exception to some of those commercials and advertisements after several consumer complaints. T-Mobile's settlement with the Commission means they'll have to pay up, to the tune of several million dollars.

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Sprint launches new $20 unlimited tablet data plan, but it throttles video, music, and games

Sprint has been trying to stop the slow bleed of customers moving to other carriers with some attractive deals, including an "unlimited" plan aimed squarely at T-Mobile. Now, Sprint has an "unlimited" tablet plan. I'm using quotation marks here because calling them unlimited doesn't get the point across. The new plan has unlimited data, but the speeds are throttled. But hey, it's only $20 per month.

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Verizon's 'unlimited' PopData scheme is all kinds of bullshit

Sprint has unlimited data. T-Mobile has unlimited data. AT&T has unlimited data. True, all of these offerings have limits on unlimited, like T-Mo's extra charges for HD video and tethering and how AT&T will only give you unlimited data if you also pay for a bloated DirecTV contract. But Verizon's staunch refusal to allow customers access to the unlimited data spigot, not to mention pushing grandfathered unlimited data customers away, has been a big point in favor of its competitors. Verizon feels so insecure about its lack of unlimited plans that its advertising tries to tell customers why unlimited data sucks.

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Sprint unveils another unlimited data plan, but this one actually lets you stream videos in HD (for 20 more dollars per month)

What's better than unlimited data? You guessed it: unlimited data you can use to stream videos, music, and games at the same speed you can stream anything else. Well, Sprint has decided to offer us lucky consumers the opportunity to use unlimited data for the things that motivate most of us to consider these plans in the first place. Of course, you have to pay $20 more per month, per line for that right.

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Sprint announces Unlimited Freedom plan with no data cap, but throttled video, music, and gaming

T-Mobile made a big change to its plans yesterday by getting rid of all of them except for T-Mobile One, which offers unlimited data. There are a number of big drawbacks to that plan, but Sprint likes the sound of those drawbacks, so it has followed suit with a plan called Unlimited Freedom. It's a lot like One, but a few bucks cheaper with a slightly different set of restrictions.

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T-Mobile announces T-Mobile One, a single unlimited data plan with a surprising number of caveats

T-Mobile just announced a surprise Uncarrier program that will do away with all its current plans. Instead, there's only one plan that T-Mobile is calling T-Mobile One. It has unlimited data, which is great. However, it's not really an unlimited plan. There are plenty of limits that you should be aware of.

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