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Google Trends introduces portal for tracking US election search topics

For better or worse, search engines are how most people research information, so Google has been one of the primary ways people are informing themselves ahead of the United States presidential election. Google Trends already allows anyone to see what the most popular web searches are at any given time, but now Trends has introduced a page specifically for queries related to the election.

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Huawei's temporary license to trade with US companies has expired

Huawei receiving a trade ban from the United States over concerns about spying was one of the most important technology events last year, but its full ramifications have yet to take effect. The U.S. Commerce Department has repeatedly granted companies temporary 90-day licenses to continue selling components to Huawei, which have been renewed time and time again. However, the most recent license has now lapsed, potentially placing the company in further trouble.

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Trump administration seeks to ban 'untrusted' apps from China in expansion of Clean Network plan

Last week, President Trump told reporters that he was going to ban TikTok, the popular short form video app that's owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It hasn't happened yet, partly due to the interest Microsoft may have in purchasing the company. But now it looks like the Trump administration wants to go further than just banning TikTok. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced an expansion of the Clean Network effort including a new initiative seeking to ban "untrusted" Chinese apps from digital platforms in the US.

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Microsoft gets Trump blessing on TikTok deal, but it must be closed within 45 days

The events surrounding President Donald Trump's TikTok ban have been unfolding rapidly over the weekend. Initially, Trump wanted to force ByteDance to sell TikTok to a US company, only to follow up by saying that he prefers an outright ban of the Chinese social media app. He's since backtracked, as Microsoft announced that it's interested in the app's US business and would like to start negotiating. Reuters then followed up with an exclusive, stating that the president would give Microsoft 45 days to close the deal.

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United States Justice Department expected to file antitrust lawsuit against Google this summer

Google is one of the largest tech conglomerates on the planet, and its dominance of online advertising and web searches has made it a prime target for antitrust lawsuits. The U.S. Department of Justice has been conducting a probe into the company's potential antitrust violations for around a year, and now it looks like legal action could begin in the coming months.

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United States Senate fails to protect your web activity from government snooping

The United States has a long history of unwarranted surveillance on its citizens, mostly stemming from the Patriot Act signed into law after the September 11 attacks. The Patriot Act allowed various law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance on citizens (without warrants) in the name of protecting against future terrorist attacks, and while that law has lapsed, a new amendment passed by the U.S. Senate once again allows law enforcement to rummage through your internet history with no probable cause.

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Huawei's US trade ban gets delayed (again) to May 15

Huawei receiving a trade ban from the United States over concerns about spying was perhaps the most important tech story of 2019, but it hasn't fully panned out yet. The U.S. Commerce Department gave companies like Qualcomm a temporary license to continue selling components to Huawei, which was extended again in May, and in August, and in November. Now the company is receiving another reprieve.

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Huawei sues U.S. government, claiming equipment and services ban is unconstitutional (Update: Lawsuit rejected)

In the never-ending Huawei saga, the Chinese company has decided to file a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas against the U.S. government for the latter's ban on the sale of equipment or services to government entities. Huawei asserts that said ban is unconstitutional.

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U.S. government claims Huawei has compromised law enforcement back doors in phone networks

The battle between Huawei and the U.S. government over spying allegations shows no signs of stopping. Last month, the Department of Commerce attempted to place more trade limits on Huawei, and now the federal government is claiming Huawei has back doors in various cell networks across the world.

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Pentagon blocks new Huawei trade restrictions from taking effect

Huawei's battle with the United States over trade bans is still very much alive, nearly a year after the White House initially called Huawei a security risk. Several American companies have continued to sell components to Huawei under special licenses, and now the Commerce Department and the Defense Department are sparring over more limits on Huawei trade.

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