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United Airlines app can now save boarding passes to Google Pay

Back in May, it was announced that Google Pay would be able to store boarding passes and tickets, similar to Apple Pay. We've seen a few airlines add support for the feature, like Southwest, and now it works with tickets from United.

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Remove Airplane Passenger is the game United really doesn't need right now

You're a cop — well, a security guard, but you act like you're a cop — working the beat for a low-brow North American airline. Standards have slipped over the years, your idealism long-worn away by the tough airline carpets. You're old and you're tired, and your eyes have grown equally tired exactly when they need to, if you take my meaning. You see what you need to see, and you do what you need to do in those long airport halls at night. Who else are they gonna trust, the TSA?

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United Airlines updates Android app with fingerprint authentication

Frequent United flyers may find themselves using the airline's Android app more often than they realize. The latest update cuts down on how often you have to type out your password as you sign in to your MileagePlus account. Now you can tap a fingerprint scanner instead.

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United Android App Adds Personal Device Entertainment, Allows You To Watch In-Flight TV / Movies On Your Tablet Or Phone

While it's been available on iOS for some time, United updated its Android app today in order to add support for a rather cool feature: on-device entertainment. Instead of having to deal with that atrocious LCD on the headrest, now you can watch your in-flight movies and TV on your own phone or tablet.


This is likely both a blessing and a curse. Who knows what the stream quality is like (anyone with an iPad who's used it want to chime in?), not to mention the reliability. That said, it will almost certainly be infinitely more responsive and nice to look at than the headrest display.

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United Airlines App Updated To v2.0 With A Proper Android UI, Improved Boarding Passes, New Seat Maps, And More

Flying is already unpleasant enough with all the TSA body scanners and unruly children kicking the back of your seat and screaming their heads off until you just have to scream back at them and the flight attendant has to ask you both to stop, but she also gives you some pretzels to make you feel better... adding a crappy mobile app in the mix is just too much. Luckily, the United Airlines app has just gotten a big 2.0 update.

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United Airlines Releases Android App With Post-Merger Support For Both United And Continental

As a sign that the United and Continental Airlines merger is progressing well, United (which got to retain its name in the process) has launched an Android app that supports both United and Continental.

In fact, the app is so close to the existing Continental app that I'm pretty sure they simply ripped it apart and put back together after adding support for United into the mix, even leaving the logo the same. However, since the Continental app only supports Continental and the United one supports both, there's no reason to keep the former one installed anymore.

The United Airlines app supports flight check-in, storing of mobile boarding passes, booking flights, flight status (including push notifications - nice!),

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