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[Deal Alert] Wild Blood and Unified Remote Full are 0.10 in multiple countries (not US)

As many will know, Google Play has certain apps on sale every week for 0.10 in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and Australia. This week is no different, with both Wild Blood and Unified Remote Full on offer.

Wild Blood is set in the time of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Lancelot. King Arthur, fuelled by jealousy for Lancelot for seducing Guinevere, gets tricked by his sister, Morgana, and opens Hellgate, letting all manner of demons lose. Morgana, meanwhile, has captured Guinevere and is holding her hostage on the ancient island of Avalon. Lancelot must confront Morgana and King Arthur in order to save Guinevere and the kingdom.

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[Deal Alert] Popular App 'Unified Remote' On Sale For $0.99 (Down From $3.99) This Weekend Only

Most of the electronic doodads in your house come with remote controls, but your computer probably doesn't. Unified Remote turns your phone or tablet into the PC remote you always wanted, and it's on sale for a few days. This app is usually $3.99, but this weekend it's a mere $0.99.

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Unified Remote Android Wear Support Graduates From Beta To Full Version

Unified Remote is a remarkably powerful app for remotely controlling the functions of your PC. (Not your TV, unless you have an IR port.) The last beta release of the app, which used the frustrating Google Groups testing system, implemented remote control support via an Android Wear app. Now you can get that Wear support in the standard Play Store version, no beta opt-in necessary. You'll need the full version, a $4 add-on, to access the Wear app.

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Using the customization tool in the phone version of Unified Remote, simple commands from the various hardware and web service functions of the Unified Remote server can be accessed on your wrist.

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Unified Remote Receives A Material Design Update, Complete With A New Screen-Mirroring Feature

Unified Remote gives your PC the TV treatment, letting you control it from afar with just the right blend of convenience and laziness that have turned us into the society that we are. Its developers have created a solid app, and they're not wasting any time making sure it looks up-to-date.

Version 3.1 preps Unified Remote with those touches of Material Design that should make it feel more at home on a device running Lollipop. Below you can see shots of the new menu button, a side panel that pulls out on top of the action bar, and a floating action button.

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Unified Remote Beta Whips Out Slick Wrist Controls Via New Android Wear Support

Unified Remote is one of those apps that lets you control everything. Everything? Everything. This app lets you control everything... that's on your PC. You can use it to toggle volume, handle videos, pause music, move the mouse, and jam on the keyboard. It's a universal remote for your computer that runs on your phone, and with the beta, it now runs on your wrist as well. Developer Unified Intents has managed to move much of the functionality over onto Android Wear.

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The team have tasked itself with porting over all of the phone app's features to the watch without producing something that's godawful to use.

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Deal Alert: Unified Remote Just $0.99 In Celebration Of Second Anniversary (That's 70% Off)

Unified Remote, in short, is a great app. Its claim to being "easily the most feature-filled PC remote" may have merit, as Artem will attest. The app, in conjunction with a PC-compatible server, will allow your device to control your mouse, keyboard, and favorite software (think Spotify, Winamp, VLC, Hulu, iTunes, etc.) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Besides having impressive (and incredibly handy) functionality, Unified Remote impresses with a clean, easy-to-use interface. It's got big buttons, simple layouts, and oh yeah, it's holo-inspired.

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If you're not yet a Unified Remote user, you'd be well-advised to check it out some time in the next two days – the full version is on sale for 70% off its normal price, bringing the cost down to just $0.99.

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