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2021 will bring 217 new emoji to your devices

We have good news for the emoji enthusiasts among you all: 217 new emoji have made it to the final Emoji 13.1 list, meaning that you'll soon have some more faces to send to your friends in text messages. Many of these are just skin tone variations, but there are some completely new emoji.

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Despite delays, there will be new emoji in 2021

Back in April, we were reporting the coronavirus pandemic would delay Unicode 14.0's release by six months, implying no new emoji would be released in 2021. Thankfully, a minor update called Emoji 13.1 is said to be in the making, which should bring some new additions next year.

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Gboard is adding support for the new Android 11 emoji (APK download) 🎉

Like almost any new Android version, Android 11 ships with a selection of new emoji — 117, to be exact. If you currently want to use them in texts and messages, you need to copy and paste them from resources like Emojipedia, but that's finally changing. The latest Gboard beta is adding initial support for the new Emoji 13 set on Android 11.

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The Android 11 Beta has 117 new emoji on board

A new Android version would never be complete without a selection of new emoji. While keyboards and apps can take advantage of the emoji support library introduced with Android O and display any emoji independently, having new smilies in the system itself means you can see them in notifications and in those applications that don't rely on the EmojiCompat library. Subsequently, the Android 11 Beta packs all of the emoticons from the latest Unicode Emoji 13 update.

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Even emoji are being delayed because of coronavirus 😷

It's not just events and product releases being delayed due to the impact of coronavirus. Clearly, human lives are at stake too, but almost as importantly, the emoji are also being affected. The Unicode Consortium has just decided to postpone the release of v14.0 of the Unicode standard for six months, upon which a future round of Emoji is set to be based.

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Emoji 12.1 adds 168 characters including bald and red-headed variants

The Unicode Consortium has released Emoji 12.1, and with it, 168 new emoji. Well, they're not entirely new; the majority are variations on existing emoji to provide greater flexibility when selecting characters. Many of the new additions come by way of additional hair styles.

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Google shows off its new emoji designs that will debut with Android Q

The Unicode Consortium codified 230 new symbols — well, 65 new symbols plus many skin tone, color, and gender variants — as part of its Emoji 12.0 update released back in March. But it does takes a good long while for tech companies to draw up and deploy unique designs for concepts such as "pinching hand," "otter," and "razor." Fortunately for people who use Google products, that particular company has published its final drafts to the public in time for World Emoji Day and they're all ready to be officially rolled out for use in Android Q.

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[Update: Unicode 12.0 officially out] Unicode's final Emoji 12.0 selections include a sloth, a falafel plate, and a lot more diversity

Roughly nine months after announcing a list of 104 candidates for Emoji 12.0, the Unicode Consortium has revealed its 59 final selections, which will release March 5th. As with its predecessors, the main focus for this update is broadening the diversity of emoji. New options include a guide dog, a hindu temple, and an emoji of two people holding hands that features 171 gender and skin tone variants.

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