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These Are The Two Emoji That Weren't Approved For Unicode 9 But Which Google Added To Android Anyway

If you've ever come across the comments section of a YouTube video, you know that being first at something is usually a very coveted position. However, being first isn't also without its downsides, and Google's recent support of Unicode 9 emoji in Android N might be a good example of that.

On Monday, the Unicode Technical Committee officially approved 72 new emoji to be added to the Unicode Standard, thereby finalizing the process for Unicode 9. Some of our more observant readers will have noticed that this figure is slightly lower than the 74 emoji that were proposed as candidates for Unicode 9: two of the initial proposals were scrapped last month and won't be recommended for implementation by vendors.

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Comparison: New Human Emojis From Android N Dev Preview 2 VS Old Yellow Blob Emojis

In its announcement of the second Android N Dev Preview, Google mentioned support for Unicode 9, including more human emojis, skin-tone emojis, more characters, and overall more realistic emojis. Google explained that developers should start taking advantage of the new emojis in their messaging and keyboard applications, and one of the most obvious examples is Google's own Keyboard which shows many of these changes.

First up, the emotions / faces panel sees more forward-facing blobs instead of the many emojis that were previously looking toward the left. There are a few changes here and there in some emojis, but most of them kept the same allure.

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