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ZTE's crazy 'Iceberg' concept has two display notches

Display notches are the controversial smartphone design trend du jour: while the Essential Phone beat Apple to the punch, the notch is the defining trait of the iPhone X, and, for better or worse, it's being aped by a whole bunch of Android OEMs. Reactions have been mixed. If you're not a fan, avert your eyes—ZTE has a concept it's calling "Iceberg" that features not one, but two display notches: one at the top, one at the bottom.

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Oppo Unveils The Violin-Inspired 5" R7 And 6" R7 Plus With Dual SIMs, Snapdragon 615, 3GB RAM, 13MP Camera, And Android 5.1 In A Color OS Flavor

The midrange smartphone market is getting more interesting by the day, both on its cheaper lower end or in the more expensive price bracket. The latter is the case of the newly unveiled Oppo R7 and R7 Plus, which tread that thin line between upper midrange and almost-flagship status, offering a list of impressive specifications in a very decent-looking package.

Oppo takes about 8 sections in its product pages to explain why the R7 and R7 Plus are such exquisite devices, comparing their curves... whatcha talkin' 'bout Oppo? These are the flattest flattened phones that lie flatly flatting on any flat surface.

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Samsung Brings Its A-Series To The Big Screen Crowd With The 5.5-Inch Galaxy A7

If you're a fan of the direction Samsung has taken with the design of the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, you'll be happy to see the same notes show up in even more hardware. The new Galaxy A7 is a bigger brother to the previously-announced Galaxy A5 and A3, complete with its thin, minimal design and metal bezel and frame. The phone's 5.5-inch screen is the biggest in the series, and it's also in the same ballpark (at least in terms of size) as flagships from both Samsung and its competitors.

SM-A700FSS_009_Set1_Black SM-A700FSS_002_Back_Black SM-A700FSS_007_Dynamic1_Black

For the A series it's all about cramming decent specs into a tiny body, and screen size aside, the A7 certainly qualifies.

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[Video] HTC Explains The Process Used To Create The One S' Super Durable Body – "Almost Like Lightning Striking The Phone"

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC released a short video today explaining the process used to create the One S' unique, durable body. For those who need a refresher, the One S is 1/3 of HTC's new 'One' line of phones, debuted at MWC this year.  The One S is just below the One X, and just above the One V spec-wise, carrying a 4.3" Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and a super slender 7.95mm profile.

HTC's video shows off a process called Micro Arc Oxidation, or MAO, which one HTC representative compares to "lightning striking the phone." As 10,000 volts hit the aluminum body, a microscopic reaction takes place, forming a ceramic surface on the metal.

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